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My Wife Needs Help!

Hey ladies I am trying to get some help for my wife. She is trying to get in better shape and is becoming very frustrated. She is already fit and athletic, but she wants to lose fat in her mid section and back. She is 5’ 3" and currently weighs 120lbs. The thing is, is that her bust size is 36DD. For such a small frame she feels its makes her look fat. I finally got her into ligting weights, but was hoping I could get some help from you guys.

What are some good weighs for her to cut down fat and get more lean, but also to get more motivated as she tends to get down about it. I will try and get her to let me post a picture so you guys can see. Thanks!

She doesn’t sound fat to me. That weight/height with those boobs doesn’t sound fat at all.

Generally one gets more lean by DIETING.

I’m just a bit taller and have basically the same boobs. At 120 I’d look way to thin! Pictures needed for sure.

Ok I will try and get pictures. Correction she is actually a 36F. And no she isn’t fat at all, but she thinks she is and I try and keep telling her that.

I don’t know that we’re qualified to fix body dysmorphia… but we will for sure tell her how smokin we think she is!

I agree with Hallowed. If she wants to lose fat it’s all about what’s happening in the kitchen. Working out is good for helping build lean muscle and giving you the ability to burn more calories, but as far as burning fat is concerned, it doesn’t matter.

Diet, diet, diet.

And damn. 36F is seriously impressive. I’m sure she’ll get a lot of wolf whistles from the ladies.

Have her keep track of how much she lifts each session along with a food journal. A lot of women with slight body-size issues obviously equate food with fat. After lifting weights while keeping track of diet, they will soon notice that food=strength and that’s an amazing revelation for some. It has the potential to completely change her perspective of her body (as it has for many on this board already). But, worst case scenario, she will just learn proper workout protocol and become better acquainted with weights.

I wouldn’t tell her this. Just have her keep track of everything and see what happens :slight_smile: Do ask, if she has a weaker day, what she ate in the last 24 hours.

As for weights, if she’s looking for just toning, I would start her with strength training (such as west side for skinny bastards, which includes cardio work) while having her keep a food journal. If she’s not interested in “bulking up” I would have her avoid isolation exercises and stick to complex movements (ex. pushups and pushup variations instead of a DB triceps extension, a pullup instead of a bicep curl, lunges and no leg extension/curls). Basically, don’t let her isolate, even for accessory exercises.

Strengthening the postural muscles (ie, do a lot of rowing, cleans etc) will help with the boobs. A lot of busty women get back pain due to the weight of their breasts. Diet will also reduce the boobs a bit as they are primarily fat and glandular tissue.

There’s also plan B, which is a breast reduction, but that is some major surgery.