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My Wife And Powerlifting

my wife wants to lift in a meet at the end of febuary. Only one problem she has lifted about 5 times in her life. So how should I start her out? I am really not too worried about her peaking for the actual meet. I think it is more important for her to get the form down and to build a base (and improving her GPP) rater than worring about what her lifts will be. I was thinking starting her out on a program like WSFSB, and then after a few moths switching to a more traditional westside program. How does this sound? Any seggestions

This depends on so many factors…I struggle with where to start.

Do you mean she has competed 5 times, or only trained 5 times?

What is her age?

What federation is she planning on lifting in?

What equipment, if any, will she wear on the platform?

How is her base strength level?

What other kind of training has she been doing, if any, and what do you estimate her tolerance for volume to be. (low, average, high)

Answer some of these question and I should have a reasonable idea of where to start.

I’d go with the WSFSB routine, it will lay down a nice base of muscle and advanced techniques are not really needed for beginners. Form is what really needs to be worked on.

If she has only lifted 5 times in her entire life than my guess would be that she needs to work on form. I would definately not recommend having her compete in any kind of gear aside from a belt and wraps. There just isn’t enough time to learn proper form and how to use the gear. Meets are always great learning experiences. If she looks at it as an opportunity to get a taste of competition and to learn the sport than it would be a good experience for her.

Thanks for the great posts everyone. Your posts just reinforced what I thought I should do, I just second guess stuff a lot, and no she wont be using gear. Who knows maybe she will change her mind by tonight.