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My Westside**

** I fully realize that this is not a WESTSIDE training program. This is MY interpretation of a WESTSIDE program and since I live in Cali, it is the best I can do.

22yrs 5?9? 190ish 12-13% bf

M-2/23 ME box squat
1x3-225lb 1x1-255lb
1x1-new max
3-6x8-12reps(SL Deads-Snatch Deads-Pull throughs-back ext-ABS)

W-2/25 ME Bench
1x1-new max
3-6x8-12reps(DB ext-shoulder raises-rows(2)-ext shoulder rot.)

F-2/27 DE Box Squat
Work up to 8x2reps @60% Max
Similar supp. work

Sun-2/29 DE Bench
Work up to 8x3reps @50-70% Max 1x1-225lb (90%)
Similar supp. Work

This is week one, I plan to drag a sled on Monday evenings and do other light ?recovery" workouts on other days. Any comments, critiques or advice is greatly appreciated. I hope to have a pic if I can ever figure out how to work my damn? camera.

The problem is if you do not change max effort movements every week or at least every 2 weeks then your just maxing out on the bx sq and the bench every week…your cns will be so fried after 2 weeks you will actually get weaker…the changing of the max effort work is the most important thing in the system to keep from getting the cns fried…igf you need help on exersices let me know i know of tons of max effort movements you can do in a commercial gym…good luck…big m

Thanks BM. I plan on changing after 3 weeks but should my max not improve next week I will probably switch it up.

I had a great first workout. I got 295lb bx sq after a mean struggle. it was my first time doing pull throughs and I think they are great. Dragged a sled w/ 90lbs which also felt good (in the afternoon). my back feels fine which is very encouraging to me since it felt like shit in previous weeks.

The more advanced you are, the more you have to change the ME movement. I think if you are just starting every 3 weeks will work, but when you get to Big Martin’s level you will need to rotate weekly. Hey BM, do you think alternating weekly like this works:

week 1 : bench
week 2 : floor press or pin work
week 3 : bench
Week 4 : floor press

or do you want to change to a movement that’s drastically different?

No they dont have to be drastically diffirent but you want them to train diffirent transfer spots of the bench press…the thing is you dont want to do a lot of max effort full range work even if you bench raw because the shoulder rotation is what cause most people to begin to stall or go back wards in there bench…full range work you can overtrain very quickly…once a month full range work will be perfect…and by full range i mean bench, 1 board, foam press, decline, reverse band press ect…any thing 2 board above is much better…a good 8 week cycle would look like this…

week 1. 2 board
week 2. bench
week 3. floor press
week 4. 4 board press
week 5. decline.
week 6. 3 board
week 7. floor press
week 8. bench

see a cycle like this keeps the shoulder rotation to a mnimum while training each and every transfer spot of the bench…big m

I got 265lbs on Bench just after hitting 255x2. Feeling good. I know I got 275 in me before I change max ex.

Thanks for clarifying that Big Martin. After I do the 9 week beginner program I will try switching to every week like you posted. Thanks!

hm good advice BM :), i dont do westside but after this little two week strength cycle (with alot of shoulder full ROM work), my shoulder/rotator has been feeling sore… i switch exercises every two weeks. this next two week cycle i had some more full ROM bench movements planned, so ill take your advise and work on 2board/lockouts…

i always worry about my rotator, its like some sad obsessive compulsive problem… :slight_smile:

Tommorrow starts wk2. I got new maxes last week on both my box squat(+20lbs) and bench(+15). I am very focused now that my goals are basically to improve my MAX in those 2 lifts (for the first three wks). My supp. work felt good and I don’t feel overly fatigued since I’m eating like a king. I hope I will have a new box squat max to report tommorrow night. wish me luck. KB