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My Weights Routine, Tips Appreciated

i do a 5 day weight routine which includes 1 rest day, i do 6-12 reps and 4 sets
chest/triceps: Incline/Decline/Flat bench, peckdeck, close grip bench, tricep extension, skullcrushers
back/biceps: pull downs, bent over rows, shrugs, ezy bar curls, concentration curls, reverse curls
shoulders: seated shoulder press, shoulder press, lateral raises, upright rows
legs/abs: squats, lunges, hamstring curls, calf raises, crunch, reverse crunch, (swinging a dumbell from side to side, sorry i forgot name haha)

im 16, play footy
was wondering if u think this is agood setup, my main lifts are 110lbs bench, 154lbs squats, 187lbs deadlift, 66lbs shoulder press
would love some feedback on what could be done differently, ive jumped my protien intake up to 200g per day too, my calories are pretty high aswell

As a general recommendation, I would suggest 3x5 for your main compound lifts and 3x8 for your accessory lifts. It’s a generic scheme that seems to work well for the majority of beginner lifters. In time, you can experiment and tweak it to what your body responds to best, but you need a baseline to measure your progress by.

Chest/triceps day looks fine. You could drop the pec deck or decline bench and get away with it. Using DB’s on the incline bench is always a good idea, too (for most, it hits the pecs better and is easier on the shoulder joints). Great exercise selection for tri’s.

Back/biceps: Need more back work. Your doing four lifts for chest, and two for back (traps go more with shoulders, really). Move shrugs to shoulder day and choose two more back exercises. Biceps looks fine.

shoulders: You only need one (if any) front-delt dominant lift here. Choose one shoulder press movement. Lateral raises (and variations) are always good. Upright rows are questionable, as some guys have developed shoulder problems from them. You need some kind of work for rear delts.

legs/abs: You’re only working one of the four hamstring muscles by doing leg curls. Add Stiff-Legged Romanian Deadlifts or Glute-Ham Raises or something to hit the other three.

Good work on changing your diet. Just making sure you get plenty of protein (specifically) and calories (in general) is a great way to ensure progress even if you don’t have all the details worked out. Here again, some experience and experimentation over time will clear up the details.

thanks heaps, thats the type of info im looking for
ummm if u got any exercises u would substitute in for something
or some i may be missing out on that u believed helped u
i wouldn’t mind hearing them

my goal is 187lbs and atm i way 165lbs
so anything to help me in the gaining stage would be great
i don’t want to become unfit for football though

Don’t worry about becoming unfit for football. Just get bigger and stronger and let the coaches take care of the ‘fitness’ during spring training and practice. If you’re going for a running position, don’t neglect your speed work while you’re gaining, but don’t worry about getting fat like a couch potato. As long as you’re active, it’s not going to happen. The little bit of fat you gain will peel right off when you get hard and heavy into practice.

You pretty much have the bases covered with your lifting program. Other than my suggestions above, try to change a little something every couple weeks. Nothing drastic. Maybe change hand positions on pulldowns or do reverse lunges instead of forward lunges. Just something for a little bit different stimulus.