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My Weight


I’m 42 I go 2 gym 5 days a week I work out hard I’m on a cycle right now I’m 5’8" & 215 my problem is I can’t get rid of this belly I do 200 sit ups a wit 30 min on trademil I cheat 1 day a week on Saturday but still can’t get rid of this belly & love handles please help


You can’t out-train a bad diet. (And you certainly can’t out-situp one.) Absent a Tour de France-competitor level of activity, fat loss is a function of diet, not exercise.

To lose fat, you’ll have to average a significant caloric deficit for a significant amount of time. In my opinion, a good starting point is to run a 3500 cal/week (500 cal/d) deficit, which translates into losing about 1lb/week. As to how you elect to create that deficit (eg, via carb cycling; Atkins; IF; etc), that is largely a matter of personal preference.




Thanks im going 2 give it a try