My Weight Loss/Recomp Plan

Hello, I’m new here and would like to receive informed opinions on my currently planned nutrition and training protocol. In the following plan I applied my full knowledge of all proven and effective concepts in fitness and nutrition that I researched in order to achieve maximum results for my objectives. My plan is to completely transform my body so I will use the best weapons available. Below you have my personal details and the plan I’m going to apply. How do you think this will work if I follow it?

Personal Info

Male, 29 years, 1,74m height, 80 kg weight, 21-22% BF
Training 6 days a week (medium-high physical activity level)
Lifting experience < 2 years
Lifting consistently < 1 year
BMR 1700 kcal
TDEE 2000-2100 kcal (5-6 days a week)


Maximize fat loss while maximizing LBM preservation and/or slight LBM increase

Current Protocol


Low carb, low fat, high protein, carb cycling applied and carb meals consumed only post workout
Deficit 500-700 kcal per day

200gr omelette (4 eggs) - 320 kcal 20 prot 0 carbs
50gr white bread - 40 kcal 1 prot 10 carbs
100gr protein isolate powder - 380 kcal 75 prot 20 carbs
200gr turkey breast - 280 kcal 60 prot 0 carbs
175gr light cottage cheese - 150 kcal 15 prot 0 carbs

  • 200gr basmati rice - 160 kcal 3 prot 32 carbs - only after workouts in training days

Total 1200 kcal 170 prot 30 carb rest days - deficit ~ 500 kcal
1360 kcal 172 prot 62 carb workout days - deficit ~ 600-700 kcal


Test Prop 500mg / week
Fat Burner
Omega 3-6


5-6 times a week weights - 45-60 min / session

Day 1 - Chest - 4 compound exercises + 1 isolation at end
Day 2 - Biceps - 4 compound exercises + 1 isolation at end
Day 3 - Triceps / Forearms - 4 compound exercises + 1 isolation at end
Day 4 - Shoulders / Traps - 4 compound exercises + 1 isolation at end
Day 5 - Back - 4 compound exercises + 1 isolation at end
Day 6 - Legs / Calves - 4 main exercises + 1 isolation at end

3-4 sets per exercise, 8-12 reps, 1-2 min timeout between

2-3 times a week HIIT - 20 min / session after weights
3 times a week LISS - 30 min / session after weights

Concepts Applied

Intermittent Fasting a la Leangains (16/8) - eating from 12 PM to 8 PM
Fasted Training in the morning (Weights 1st /Cardio 2nd)
HIIT 2-3 times a week (20 min sessions with 1:1 sprint/rest ratio of 2min/2min)
Low carb diet (30gr rest days, 60gr workout days)
Carb cycling (30gr rest days, 60gr workout days)
1 cheat day a month (full blown cheat day with eating as much fast food as I want without counting calories, usually 2 large pizzas and pasta), usually starts after a training session and 2nd day is a lower calorie day for caloric mitigation

1200 cals, 6 workouts per week, 5-6 cardio session per week, IF… I think this might be some insane overkill. There is no way I would survive on this.

I’d recommend bumping yours cals up a bit or dialing back your training while in such a heavy deficit.

I like to hit my 1g/lb of BW for protein. Hit around 30% with healthy fats and fill the rest with carbs. Multiply your weight in lbs by 10-12. This is the lowest range I would consume for weight loss.

Why only 500mg. of test prop.?

Throw in some of the longer lasting esters so that you are in a constant anabolic state and just use the prop for a jolt. That will burn plenty of fat and you won’t need any of that running.

I’d throw in some bicep specific and delt specific sessions too, probably in the evening after back and legs day.

Other than that, it should be fabulous.

Or maybe just lift weights consistently for more than a year before jumping into steroids?


If I would eat that amount of calories I would simply be too small of a deficit to lose any fat.


oh boy, get off the gear, read pretty much any 10 articles here and learn how to train effectively

I genuinely don’t think I can even name 4 compound exercises for triceps.

I’ve got:

-Close grip bench
-Triceps dips

What else is there?

  1. I can’t get “off” the gear as I’m hypogonadic and I produce 0 test , I am running test P for life, doesn’t matter what I do or not.

  2. What’s so wrong about doing 1-2 forearm exercises at the end of a tricep session in a one muscle group per day split?

Only 500 mg test P ? are you joking or something? It’s a dose that even pro bodybuilders don’t exceed most of the time, not just the recommended one. And I’m training for less than a year.

Well you got me there.

I’ll just slink away now.

you’ve been prescribed test prop as your HRT?

As far as I’m aware thats double a normal TRT dose at least (usually around 150-200?)

Yeah miles off from needing a 6 way bro-split. Upper/lower split prob your best bet or full body template even

Probably, but my justification behind this approach was that if I train more often, like 6 days, I get those benefits:

  1. Focus only on one muscle group or major muscle a day , increasing training effectiveness for that part of the body by only focusing on it and also leaving the gym earlier

  2. More training days mean more calories burned without overtraining or a risk of muscle loss, since I am on such a nice dose of Test P, thus increasing rate of fat loss by adding more lost calories to a week

  3. I like going to the gym more often

Considering those points, I thought it would be worth it. So everything I thought is wrong?

I’m doing my own TRT, but right now I’m using higher dose since I’m blasting. Later on , I’ll cruise on 200mg / week and keep all my progress (I once fell off the Test Prop for 2 weeks since I didn’t have any more , and I got fat and lost all progress and strength due to estrogen domination and hormonal problems etc, wont happen again).

you, sir, sound like quite the idiot.

I shall have no further dealings with you.

Good day, sir.

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you can’t even name a few tricep compound exercises yet you call others idiots just for asking for opinions and running gear? you think yourself as some kind of perfect expert that never does any mistake? you give this forum a bad name. most forums are full of idiots like you without a clue, that attack people for no reason and very few respectable and knowledgeable people besides. You’re a dumbass troll like many others. you never have anything good to say eitherways so thanks for the favor of leaving my thread. appreciate it.

On that note, can you elaborate on how exactly you do “Biceps - 4 compound exercises + 1 isolation at end”?

Dude, literally everything in about your plan - your lifting, cardio, nutrition, and AAS - is designed wrong. Start from square one with your entire approach and you might get somewhere. Or keep second-guessing every experienced lifter who tries to help and see how far that takes you.


You could have mentioned this in your original post.

That’s not why you took some flack. I don’t think anyone here knows precisely how one has a “tricep and forearm” day at all, lol. Certainly not one that includes “4 compound exercises” for triceps.

I don’t think you understand the purpose of TRT very well.

Yogi’s sense of humor aside, this forum is full of “respectable and knowledgeable people” (at least, sufficiently knowledgable to have progressed quite beyond your current level) who would be telling you the same thing. As CC just said…

I actually don’t think the “split versus full-body” thing is a terribly big deal. You can train on a split. But this entire starting post smacks of a guy who’s about to throw himself hard into several things he has very little understanding of and burn himself out. You mentioned a bunch of buzzwords that you read “Intermittent Fasting” + “Fasted Training” + “HIIT” + “Low Carb Diet” + “Carb Cycling” are not all things that fit together neatly. Ugh.


at last, someone with a brain, common sense and respect for others and that actually has something to say. would be awesome if we could have more of you around. the idea with TRT is to replace natural production in the case of hypogonadism with exogenous testosterone administration, ideally with a long ester I think so that you have to pin less. A person can go to a TRT doc or do his own TRT, I read about this, it’s a possibility. Sure, you need to use much lower, physiological levels, but at the moment, since I’ll be on for life I love the idea of blasting and cruising whenever I feel like it.

Nutrition wise, I think I’m G2G with 160-180g of protein per day, 50-60 g of carbs (I just prefer low carb) and a few gs of fats. The deficit is also good, I really have no idea why those people flame about it.

Made me laugh good with your pic. I know, I know…

Thanks for your comments.