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My Weekly Routine, 2 Thumbs Up?

My weekly routine, 2 thumbs up?

So after reading on this site and a few sports fitness journals and talking to my roommate who is a personal trainer I’ve devised a routine that I’ve been pretty happy with. I know this may not work for every one, but a big part of your routine is enjoying it so that’s what I’m doing. I’m just looks for any minor adjustments that you could offer.

Currently I’m trying to drop body fat, specifically around my mid section (duh). I have a Monday through Friday routine. I read in a journal that the body releases more growth hormone, and testosterone the more stressful you make your work outs. The article recommended minimal rest in between sets, so I flip lop my exercised; a set of chest, set of back, rinse repeat. The same applies to other body parts. I’ve been working out in the following fashion.

Monday: Large Muscle groups

Dumbbell Bench press
Bent over row
3 alternating sets 15 second break in between

Incline Bench
Seated row
3 alternating sets 15 second break in between

Decline Bench
Reverse Flies
3 alternating sets 15 second break in between

Shoulder press
3 alternating sets 15 second break in between

Lat Pull downs 3 sets

Hack Squats
Calf Raises
3 alternating sets 15 second break in between

750 Calories cardio (45 minutes on the elliptical machine)

Finish with 3 x 20 crunches

Tuesday: Isolated Muscle groups

The summary is alternating exercises for bicep and triceps

1000 Calories cardio (60 minutes on the elliptical machine)

Finish with 3 x 20 crunches

Wednesday: Heavy Cardio 1500 calories burned

250 calories on the stair stepper (15 minutes)
1000 Calories cardio (60 minutes on the elliptical machine for 1000 calories)
250 calories on a stationary bike (15 to 20 minutes)

Same a Monday

Same a Tuesday

Saturday and Sunday off.

I know I use the elliptical machine a lot, but it’s because I injured my knee a while back and I’m very careful about the impact I put on it. I’m thinking adding in some swimming some where, maybe once a week on Saturday or Sunday.

I’m sticking to about 1500 calories a day, 60% protein, 20% carbs, 20% fat. As long as I eat clean and eat every 2 hours I’m never hungry. I try not to eat after 7pm. I have a protien shake in the morning before my work outs.

I am currently about 196 lbs, 5’8". I would like to lose about 35 to 40 lbs of body fat by the end of the year and put on about 10 to 15 lbs of muscle, as well as increase my VO2 max

Is the work out I’m doing going to match up with my goals? I’ve been working up to this point over the last few weeks, and I’m really enjoying my work outs. Doing the sets back to back has cut almost a 1/2 hour out of my time needed for my work outs, and it kicks up the intensity as well.

Again I know there are other work outs out there, but I’m really enjoying mine and that’s a big part of it for me in sticking to it.


More calories… your not gonna build any muscle with so much cardio and very little calories… Just make sure there good calories and not junk.

well my main goal is for fat loss, but I’m getting a full work out. Even with my low cals and cardio I’m putting on size. Several people have said my chest and arms are all ready looking larger.

Fat loss is the main goal.

I would still go easier on the cardio and get in more calories.

Here are the things that I find problematic:

  • Not enough lower body work. Do regular Squats, preferably ATG, and also include some kind of pulling from floor. To stay true to your original idea of short rests and alternating exercises, you can try combining Squats and Leg Curls, but Deads are pretty tough on their own.

  • One pressing movement is not needed. Alternate Shoulder Press and Pulldown, and drop the Decline and Flies.

  • You don’t need crunches every time, and you should balacne them with some light lower back work, like Back Extension.

  • You seeem to be doing a way lot of cardio, and 1500kcal seems too low for your starting weight. You don’t want to starve yourself, or end up exausted.

With the inclusion of more lower body work, you might not be able to handle everything in one day. In that case, a feasible option would be something like Upper body on one day, Lower body on another.

So, a revised routine would be something like:

Day 1 - Upper body

A1. Bench Press
A2. Barbell Row

B1. Shoulder Press
B2. Pulldown

C1. Tricep work
C2. Bicep work

No cardio, or just light for 10-15 mins.

Day 2 - Lower body

A1. Barbell Squat
A2. Leg Curl

B. Deadlift (conventional or Romanian)

C1. Ab work
C2. Low-back work

No cardio, or just light for 10-15 mins.

Day 3 - Cardio day

Go nuts for 1 hour.

Day 4 - Upper body

Day 5 - Lower body

Day 6 - Cardio day or Off

If you’re doing cardio today, use moderate intesity.

Day 7 - Off

I hope this helps.