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My Waxy Maize Tastes Nasty

Q: I read on here, and on other pages that Waxy Maize should be taken on its own, directly after workout for the most benefit, and thereafter take proteinshake, creatine and what not after 20 minutes or so.

I would like to give this method a go, but my waxy maize tasted nasty on it’s own.

So here is the question: Would it be okey to mix in a little amount of fun light with it, and just mix it with water after training, to add a little flavour, I’d guess that fun light would not slow it down, since there is practically zero amount of carbs, protein, and fat in it. Pretty much just water.

Fun light is a diet “soda” kind of thing, that you mix out with water to get it less taste-dense and get it better tasting, very low in calories.

I don’t know if you have any of that in USA or whatever, don’t know the name for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its like liquid in a bottle, that taste very strongly on it’s own and it’s blended with water… sodaish but not quite…

Hi fella,
If you use the Search function you can find a lot of info. Here is a couple of links on threads we’ve had about waxy maize.

My understanding of waxy maize is it is touted as a fast acting resource, but when it is mixed with whey or casein it slows the absorption so you lose the benefit for which it is touted.

You can add things to waxy maize but there is a point of diminishing returns most believe. As long as 2/3 or more of your total mixture is still WMS you should be fine. Add it your aminos/creatine/glutamine/peptopro etc and then have a regular protein shake+complex carbs shortly afterwards.

If your waxy tastes bad(bad taste or texture?) then you probably need to look elsewhere for a good source. Plain waxy will have a very chalky mouth feel/taste to it, but with light flavoring it should be fine.