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My W/O, Please Be Critical


Anyone got any advice tips whatever regarding the workout i'll be starting in 1 week:
1. Dips
2. Chin-ups
3. high pull deadlift variation
4. overhead squats

I'm trying to gain strength, i weigh 165 pounds or 75kg if you prefer, am 187cm tall, bodyfat i don't know, some skin fold test said under 10% but how reliable are they?. My plan was to superset the dips and chin, and alternate days between deadlifts and squats. i'm an asthmatic with some chronic lung disease, so any cardio tips would go astray either. Thank you all.


Hey there.

One thing you will hear is that you need to post some more workout parameters before anyone can give advice. What kind of sets and reps will you be doing? How long or how many weeks will this program go?



let's see ... a push, a pull, a dl variation, and OHSs ... i like it ... no, i love it!

it's simple ... and those are all good, tuff, compound lifts!

how exactly do you plan to do this ... what does a week look like?

if nothing else ... do whatever it is you are going to do for 4 weeks and get back to us

i'd sure like to see more of your kinds of programs than most of the garbage out there

give us more details though!



My week planned to be 3 days total body each day. Probably some of that 100 rep recovery with military press and bent over row, bodyweight squats, light deadlifts. Sets for dips and chin's will be the same so warm up of eccentrics (because i can't knock off a lot of either), so will eccentrics be sufficient warm up?
. Then 1 work set to failure

Deadlifts and squats, well i only have 85kgs of plates to work with, so any advice on making it harder, otherwise i'll just build up to X sets of 10. Though i can wait til my housemates get drunk and steal an empty keg, how much can they weigh when filled with water or sand or both?

I have 2 months with 85kgs on my bar, after that i return to college and can get more weight. Other details.. i've been working out semi-consistently no more than 1month break between picking it up again for about 2 years. Ah diet you would want to know about that ok. This will be my summer holiday and as such i will be able to cook and clean for my self so, i'll be existing on steaks, casseroles spaghettis sauce for dinner, protein shake between lunch and dinner, lunch cold meats and sald sandwich (s) breakfast muselis and yoghurt and milk and juice, 10 fish oils a day. Any more information you require?
Dam sorry bout the long post.


I was typing to fast and forgetting to edit, the light work i mentioned would happen twice a week on off days. And whats this about garbage workouts, you mean to say there are other ways to train? I've lurked on this site for about 6 months and you all talk about devices that i've never heard of "smith machine" "swiss ball" wtf? , bowflex?. Have i missed some better way to train?. Thanks anyway. And a note on diet after this 2 month workout period is up i go back to college which is 3 meals a day random menu, no kitchen facilities, grey concrete and steel, alot of salt so any tips for growing on this please divulge.


1) Ditch the overhead squats, it becomes a test of what you can hold over your head instead of developing your lagging muscles. This is esecially true for beginners. I don't see the point of overhead squatting 40 kg.

2) Any plans for rotating exercises? Everything works for a while, nothing works forever.

3) Incorparate work for hamstrings: straight legged deadlifts and Good mornings.


I figured mainly on overhead squats for flexibility, and if it improves my triceps endurance then i won't complain.

My main leg exercise was the deadlift and i'll change grip widths as it suits me probably workout to workout, same with chins and dips, as for hamstrings, don't they get a workout from the deadlift, after all a deadlift is a squat with a good morning, and in my case an upright row which i might drop, it just seems more practical then pulling to the waist.


I hope you don't mean ten fish oil capsules a day?? what are your goals? To become a fish? Unless you REALLY want to find nemo, i think 3 a day is fine. Infact, on the ones i have it says only take one a day (not that i do) on the ones I had previously i would take 2 a day.


DL's will hit your hamstrings. Are you stuck with the same 80kg for DL's? That's not a whole lot to really get a good DL. I think you can make-do with 80kg on squats, especially if you are going full ROM, "ass to grass".


80kg's is all the weights i will have available, I was prehaps thinking about moving to unilateral deadlifts. Ah sorry my mistake 1 fish oil a day the dosage of 10 a day is for arthritis victims and such. As for the weight on the deadlift another option is to prehaps fill a keg with water and sand. I haven't had access to much weight for deadlifting, only 50kg while at college which has now become very easy to lift


Finally back, and dam did that lack of weight hold me back, anyway heres a pic, please asess. Thank you


Well there is no picture and you have just called us all a bunch of asses.


Sounds like a routine Dan John would design. Nothin' fancy. Just the basics.
Like someone said, do it for 4 weeks and then change it up. When you run out of weight for the DLs try snatch grip DLs or from a platform, or suitcase DL. Throw in some front squats just for fun.



Haha, to much texting has destroyed my spelling ability it seems, thats the 3rd error on this site this week. Any tips on how to post a picture? I don't post much on this site, thanks for the help.

To the poster that menioted snatch grip deads and deads from a deficit, those will definitely come in handy, now does anyone have any variations for dips other then just adding additional weight?


Do them in a handstand position.



You could try doing your DL's from a low platform that's about 3-4" (7.5-10cm) high. If you take a snatch-width grip, this will make your 85kgs seem not so light anymore.

You could also do some step-ups or split squats with the bar on your back, or on your clavicles in a front squat position.

For your chins you could do strip sets that go from wide grips to narrow grips.


hahahaha that was funny shit


If for any reason you remove the "high pull" from the deadlifts; or remove the "overhead" from the squats (as recommended by another poster): consider doing overhead presses, side presses, incline presses, or hand-stand pushups in place of the dips (assuming you want to keep it to four main exercises); or consider posting a question on one of the Locker Room threads (Mike Robertson, Alwyn Cosgrove, etc.) whether your four-exercise combination has too much internal shoulder rotation and not enough external shoulder rotation. Again, that would be in the hypothetical case where you remove the "high pull" from the deadlifts or remove the "overhead" from the squats.