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My w/o for next 4 weeks


My concentration for the next 8 weeks is my shoudlers and overall brute (neural) chest, back and leg strength.

I have not included the 1st day of my week because it is shoulder specific.

anyways... this is the program I devised for the rest of my body.

pullups 4x4
bent over barbell row 4x5
lying overhead dumbell raise 3x7
preacher curl 3x6 + 1x15
lying vacum 2x15

Squat 4/2/4/2/4
good mornings 4x6
seated calf raise 3x8
side crunch 3x15

Bench press 5x5
Incline wide grip bench press 4x7
Bar dips 3x6
crunches 3x15

Some might disagree with this setup for the next 4 weeks. It may not be balanced. It has a lot of low rep exercises. Doesn't focus on smaller muscle groups. But the goal is simply to increase overstrength to exercises liek bench presses, squats and back exercises.


If these are your goals then let me tell you about a secret chinese routine called "wes-tse-hide" which gets you to those goals!

actualy you have 4 articles on that ancient routine and zillion of threads in the forum.