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All right guys, this is THE coolest thing Valentine’s Day present EVER!!! I was sitting at work, chatting online with my sig and basically bitching and moaning about how my day sucks and how hungry I was, etc., and lo and behold the Pizza Hutt delivery guy shows up with a large pie and a 2 liter bottle of pop. She ordered it via their website. I HAVE THE PERFECT F#$%&*! GIRLFRIEND!!! (Ladies, take a hint if you need a last minute gift idea-food is always good) Sorry, had to shout that one from the rafters. Extra cardio for me tonight!!!

dude make sure you take a minute or two to let her know that you appreciate her for what she did. it was a small gesture but it means she was thinking enough of you to care. a hot oil massage is thanks enough(not like i’ve ever had one).

Oops, I should have included a “/” between the words “thing” and “Valentine’s”. Serves me right for being the grammar police.

She had them put anchovies on mine and I HATE anchovies. Dammit Demo, tell her to get mine right next time or she might as well you mine also! Montana horses and Montana women are both hard to break to saddle correctly.

So that’s what love is all about … hmmm, she sounds
like a real keeper; who knows, some day she might even turn out to be Mrs. Dick …?!

P.S. It’s nice to read a positive/happy thread on this forum now end then; we always seem to be bitching and griping about something insignificant! (I’m guilty
of it, too!)

Demo, that was NOT your V-Day present… trust me, those gifts are MUCH more interesting! I’m glad you liked it, how was that ‘extra cardio’ anyway?

AR - You are a trouble maker! LMAO!!

Cardio was good. How was it for you? :slight_smile: