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My Video Thread

I got a camera phone for christmas. took a vido of me incline pressing 37.5 kg dumbells. Btw should i count the weight of the bar?


anyone who wants to critique my form is welcome to do so.

i will also be posting a video of superscience doing some olympic lifts.

I haven’t seen the video, but if I’m reading this correctly and you are using dumbbells that allow you to adjust weight, then I would say yes add the weight of the bar to the total poundage. Unless of course you are using bars that don’t weight anything.

The dumbells are all set out already. They are lebelled with the weight on them but the owner of the gym hasn’t added the weight of the bar into the total. So it says on the dumbell i used 37.5 kg but the bar weighs like 2 kg.

Everyone in my gym just calls them 37.5 and doesn’t add on the bar, which always seemed stupid to me, but there ya go

I’m confused, you mean the dumbell has the number written on both sides right, where the little plates or whatever it is there right? With the handle in between them? If so the weight that it says on the side the the total weight of the dumbell, but maybe this isn’t what your asking, once again, I’m confused!

i go to the same gym. he means the dumbbells have 37.5kg of weight plates on them. but the bar isnt counted on the side. if u count the bar they probably weigh 39k or something.