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My Video on 'Gym Idiots' Site



So I was on youtube and found a video I'd made is on a website called "Gym Idiots".

If you go to the 4th video down you'll see the bench press one where the video has a guy in blue shorts and a wife-beater.
The thing is I don't mind if a video I made gets around like that, who cares?, but it seems like the guy running the site has decided that my video happened at his gym and he has given the Taiwanese guy in the video the name "Barney". Weird.

It's a small site, but I hope he 'steals' more of my vids to pad it out.


can you say LAWSUIT!



Yeah!! Good idea! We can take the money I'd make and you and me could split a Coke Kerley!


diet coke seeessshh!


I need to start carrying my camera to the college gym. The best is when you have a group of guys doing crunches or situp variations in perfect synchronization. Theres usually at least 3 of them, but I've seen up to 5, and it looks like they practice it. I want to start applauding when I see it.


Sneaky bastard.


I dont like all this ''gym idiots'' thing. It's ugly socially, you know what I mean?


While I enjoy a video of people screwing up and stuff, it would be hard for me to record them doing it and then put it up on the internet for people to see. I'd feel like a bad person. People don't even like being looked at in the gym, being recorded on video is creepy. Of course it's not the worst thing someone could do.

That said, I don't think I'm sure of what you mean at all, lol.


It really fucking pisses me off when people call the lat pulldown a "lateral pulldown"


I guess it's just me then


That's a douche move. If he wanted to embed the video from YOUR youtube account on his page, that's one thing. But to slap his logo on the front of it, upload it to his own account, and pretend as if he shot it himself, ALL without any permission mind you, is a 100% douche move. I'd report him to youtube, pretty sure that is against the TOS. If enough other people do it they might suspend/close his account. Maybe then he will learn to give proper credit. It sounds like you don't really care, though, maybe I'm too focused on the principle.


It's a douche move to record random uninformed people and then mock them on the internet. If you are so superior, TEACH THEM!!!


Whoever made that site is a damn "GYM IDIOT". And a total asshat.



I guess I know what you mean. I've some mixed feelings about this. Sure some people desserve the shit they got...sure this is somewhat funny...but that obsession about gym idiots seems to become pathological.


Nards! you should sue man, Asian gym idiots from California Fitness are another breed of Gym Idiot altogether! haha :slight_smile:


It'd be funny if I sued... then the people I've made movies of sue me!


I think that site is stupid and elitist. This re-enforces the public's opinion about muscle heads being judgmental pricks.


If the shoe fits...


Why? That is its correct name. It is not called 'lat' because it works the latisimus dorsi you know.



Putting aside teh question of whether it's ok to record them, your ideal to teach them assumes that they are receptive to being taught. Most - the vast majority - are not. And frankly, i dont think i would be particularly receptive to some random person who couldnt mind their business approaching me in the middle of my workout to "correct" me