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My Very First Test E and Pct Cycle



My info:
Experience:5 years, last 2.5 years are really serious.
Fat: %10-12

I always measure my right biceps:

I am planning to do this cycle

250mg test E3D (10 week)
0.25mg adex EOD (last week 0.125mg)(12 week)
HCG: after 3. week 250ui 3xW(7 week)

PCT starts 2 weeks after from last pin
1 week 2x/day 20mg nolva
3 weeks 1x/day 20mg nolva

The problem I will do this cycle at abroad and I can’t have blood work for PCT due to insurance problems. If I do the blood work it will cost about 80$ so I don’t want to do it, If there is an other way for PCT.

My aim: I want to keep at least 3-4 kg lean mass after PCT.

My nutrition, supplementing are perfect.

So question is what would be done if I do this PCT without knowing my e2 or test levels?

Thank you!


For future reference… The more USEFUL info you give on here, the more help you will probably receive.
Nobody really cares about the size of your right arm. Plus, they are only 15-16 inches… Not exactly huge.

Your nutrition and supplementing will be perfect??? Please explain… The last guy on these forums with a “perfect” diet was a complete shit show. How about you give us some insight to your diet instead of just saying it is perfect… I guarantee it is NOT perfect.
Like i said… The more info you give, the more help you will possibly get… Posting something like this is just asking to get fucked with.

Post shit that really matters…


Morning when I woke up(9.00 AM)
Green tea ex.
Caffeine 200mg
30 mins later
150g gainer(mutant mass)
2g creatine mono
Multivit 1 portion
300mg ALA

4 whole large egg
33gram brussels sprouts
33 gram spinach
33g broccoli
2 omega 3 pills(1 portion)

Meal(1.00 PM)
0.5L %3 fat milk
2.000UI vit d3
100gram oats
200 gram apple

100 gram whole wheat pasta
200 gram chicken breast cooked with 7g olive oil
Vit c 1g

100gram oats
150 gram apple

100 gram whole wheat pasta
200 gram chicken breast cooked with 7 gram olive oil
2 omega 3 (1 portion) pills

50 gram peanut butter


I also have curcumin and piperine and spirulina pills
Also on days pre,intra,post workout powders

But still the problem is PCT and blood test.