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My Very First Deadlift Ever

I’m not really writing for advice, I’m just relating a story. Feel free to provide any feedback you wish.

Today I did my first deadlift ever, that’s right ever. All throughout highschool and when I lifted the first couple years of college I never ever did a deadlift. I have been told it’s scary and dangerous and will give me geniital herpes… err something. But, I decided I wanted to be a powerlifter and that is one of the big three. so I have been studying the deadlift for several days now. Lacking any human I had ever met who had dealifted and survived I had to rely on the always helpful T-Nation to provide my data.
So this morning I arose early and signed my will and kissed to wife goodbye, possibly forever and went to the gym to try the deadlift. At the gym I could see people look at me like I was nuts as I moved the barbell from its rusty, dusty squat rack to “the floor”. Once there I loaded it with two plates to a side. I knew what went through everyones mind, "He’s not going to try one of the mystical “explosive lifts we are warned about on the walls… no, it’s worse, he’s going do a dealift instead. Run!” I could smell their fear but didn’t let it stop me as I steped up to the bar with grim determination.

I had mantra; legs out, butt low, explode up.I grasp the cold steel with a death grip, I feel my legs and glutes tighten as I pulled. At first nothing happened and my confidence began to slide. But wait, it was moving the bar was leaving the cruel bonds of gravity. Soon my legs were straight, hurray.

Wait this isn’t right I should be able to see myself grinning in the mirror, but those are my toes, what the hell. Damn, I didn’t make it… No, I got this. Lean back, lean, lean dammit.
I got there. At the top I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, “that was sooo not right”.

Screw it, get it right now.

I lowered the weight to the floor and tried to bring it up again. More of the same. Two more times, all lower back it seemed.

I got done with my first set and thought I can do better. I knocked out four more sets of four. Each better than the one before it but none passing for what could even creativly be called good.

I have to admit I was so wiped after that and my confidence rattled that I went and did another half assed exercise and decided I should call it a day.

Now I’m not done with the deadlift, oh no. Its my new mission in life. I will deadlift twice next week, Monday and Friday. But I think on Monday I’ll knock the weight down to about 135lb and focus on form, then maybe next Friday I will return to that which I faced today and I wil triumph. Largly thanks to the guidance I have already recived from The T-Nation.


Good stuff man. Everybody starts at the beginning, never let that get in your way.

And heck, I read through, so I was going to say watch the form and so on, but you are on it.

The deadlift is something else that will require and help with your grip.

Good job, I’m sure you’ll be progressing very quickly in weight as you get more proficient at it.