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My Very Accomodating Doc


Some background. 48 years old, about 245 farily lean pounds, probalby about 10% BF. On TRT Test-C @ 200 per week and AI since January. DOC is hesitant to put me on hcg as she says its hard to get and she doesnt have any experience with it. I am certainly not worried about fertility or restarting natural production at this stage in my life.

Got my recent labs back today.

Test, Serum 791 (up from 201 when I started and just below the top end of the range at 827)
Test, Free 32.3 (up from 5.8 when I started and over the normal scale of 6.8-21.5)
FSH and LH, basically shut down from already very low levels prior to TRT
Estradiol <15 from 42 (obviously I need to dial back the Adex a bit)
PSA 0.4 on a scale of 0.0 to 3.6, unchanged since I started TRT
Hematocrit 46.3 from 42 when I started, somewhat elevated, but still in normal

Feeling really good and hitting new PRs in the gym.

Two questions:

  1. Since you guys know more about intrepreting labs than she does, do you see any issues with the data above?

  2. The DOC offered to put me on HGH at a low dose. She said it would really lean me out. Any issues with adding this into the current protocol.

Thanks and I really appreciate your response.


Get a script for the hCG then its up you and a pharmacy to fill it. Its not about having kids, its about lost pregnenolone production, organ failure, sexual image and sexual self image.

Ask for 250iu SC EOD, its low dose.

Doc needs to do a few fed and state mandated diagnostic tests before it is legal to prescribe GH. Who will pay for GH? Insurance companies have very stringent procedures as well.

Why at 10& BF is your doc concerned about leaning you out?

About E2<15. Was that Labcorp? This could be a lab failure, another one. If so you do not want to lower adex. If libido and energy are good, then I would not expect that E is very low.

Testing LH and FSH is totally stupid at this point.

You are looking for youthful levels of FT. Age adjusted upper ranges are to be ignored.

When were labs done relative to prior injection?

What is adex dose?

Are you injecting T cyp more than once per week?

What has happened to your cholesterol numbers?


I can’t answer your questions, but if you can convince your doc to prescribe HCG (you should try), let me know and I’ll shoot you a PM. 11k iu compounded for $45 (legit pharmacy; Rx required). The pharm I was going to just raised their price of Novarel from $70 to $120.


Thanks KSman,

Thanks for your quick resonse and to answer your questions:

GH: Doc said nothing about mandated tests. She said she could get it. I dont expect the insurance to pay for it, I can afford it. As for leaning out, just trying to get rid of some ab/lower back fat that wont go away not matter what my diet.

Cholesterol has actually improved since I started TRT in January, but I have also been better with my diet. Total is 209, down from 213 before I started (still a little high) and Triglycerides are down now to 157 from 235.

Yes, the Estradiol test was from Labcorp. I havent been suffering from any of the symptoms of low E, so this was a surprise. I’v been taking .25mg EOD.

Free Test: Would you say that I have youthful levels of FT at 32.3?

I am taking the test once per week and the labs were done immediatly prior to my weekly shot…so I guess I was at a weekly low.

What do you think?


FT level is good. You could be higher.

Your T levels are quite low for 200mg/week.

You did not respond to questions re lab timing or frequency.


I have done labs every 3 months or so since January. All of the labs have been done immediately prior to my weekly shot, so I would think this would represent the low point of my weekly levels.

Appreicate you help.


Any thoughts from anyone on the Growth Hormone subject. Anyone use it along with Test?