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My version of the Casey Viator experiment.

For people that dont know the routine i am speaking of, Casey Viator did this back in the 70’s. He would start off with leg presses and do 25 reps with 460 pounds, he would then move staright to leg extensions (no rest) and get 22 reps with 200 pounds, and then do 17 reps full squats with 400 pounds loaded on the bar. Insane isn’t it? He allegedly put on 60 pounds of body weight in only 28 days.

So just to add some variety to my leg training i decided to try this routine today. I walked in the gym, set up the leg press with 308 pounds, leg extension with 156, and squat with 220 pounds. I started with leg press and did 20 reps, i staright away went to the leg extension and did 10 reps. At this stage my quads were shaking, i stumbled to the squat rack and i feared that i wouldnt even get one rep. The first 2-3 reps i was not very confident, but i then realised that i can really keep going here. I did 17 reps (more like breathing squats) and as i went for 18 i sunk to the gound and didnt come back up for a good 2-3 minutes. Then being the idiot that i am, i wasn't satisfied with a 10 minute workout! So i decided to do the whole thing again. I took a 7-8 minute break, then started with leg press (same weight again) got 20, another 10 in leg extensions and went to the squat rack and got 3 reps. While walking back to my car after this i almost fell over 2-3 times. I did make some mistakes i felt, i could have used more weight in the leg press i know that after 20 reps i could have done a lot more, but decided to leave some fuel in the tank. And i probably could have used 10 pounds less in leg extensions. I tell ya though i have more respect for Viator now than ever before. This guy was an animal. If anybody has not tried this program before, then i challange you to do so. I know i will be back.

Just be sure you use the same amount of steroids he used too. And hope you have about the same genetics.

Also, to get the same results, make sure to do the same regarding losing all the bodyweight beforehand that you
plan to regain on the program :slight_smile:

But as an exercise protocol I’m interested in your program: how are these weights relative to your 1RM in each exercise? I.e., what are your 1RMs in leg press, leg extension, and squat?

As Bill Roberts wrote, Casey was regaining weight that he had lost ON PURPOSE. It takes me about two weeks to regain any weight that I lose while dieting. Most pro’s put on damn near 20lbs the night right after a contest. That doesn’t mean you should make 5 pizzas and 2 gallons of icecream a daily diet routine.

Do a search at T-mag for the story. It was all pretty much bullshit as other posters have said. T-mag wrote about this before.

It is a Killer routine. Tried it when it first came out in the early seventies. Right after Casey won Mr. America. You are right you should have done more weight on the first go round. The whole point of the program is to go to failure.
I tried the program for two months before giving up on it. I ran out of weights to lift. The gym I was training at only had a Universal Gym (Leg Press 750 lbs), Leg Extenison Machine 150 lbs with an pin for adding extra weight and a power rack. By the end of the two months, training once a week on legs, I could do 75 reps on the Leg Press, 25 reps on the leg extension machine with 285 and 12 reps at 405 in the squat. My thighs grew almost 3". I still have the stretch marks!!!
Best of Luck

I didnt train legs for two months once because of a knee injury. I did good mornings twice and gained five lbs in two weeks.

Hey i never ever said that i am trying to gain 60 pounds in a month like Viator did. I was just filling people in, those that didnt know what i was talking about. I like to think i am pretty intense in the gym, so this program looked like it would be a great challenge.
Bill, i have never tested one rep max for leg ext and leg press, but for squat its 315. I am guessing leg ext is 230 and leg press about 800-850. Although i always do leg press after squats so that may be way off.

Ok so i guess the name of the topic probably made me sound like i am trying to do the same. My mistake.

I though Casey was in hospital with a severe viral infection preceding the Co. Experiment and that’s why he lost so much mass. Maybe that’s all part of the “story”.

I did the same workout except I started with the leg extention, went to the leg press, and then finished up with squats. I did 3 cycles of these exercises with about 5 minutes rest in between each giant set, but I bet you could get good results with 2 cycles. I would use about 70%-80% of my max. My legs got bigger, but I made the mistake of using it too long. On about the 6th week I got weeker and by the 7th I got sick. I would only do this type of training for 3-4 weeks, after a high volume strength phase. Make sure you have a good spotter. Use anabolics or at least Mag-10 and surge. Use Berardi’s eating plan. Get lots of rest. I almost forgot…make sure you have a puke bucket.