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My version of growth surge

I’ve decided to tailor the Growth Surge to my own tastes and was wondering if anyone had any comments on it. Training (stage 1 and three will be same as article the following is for stage 2): Monday: Back and rear delts, same as article, tuesday: Quads same except for 2 triple drop sets standing calfs, Wednesday: arms same as article, Thursday: Hams, same except for 2 triple drops of seated calfs, Friday: Chest and shoulders, 3 sets incline bench (to start) 3 set flat bench, 3 sets incline flies (triple drops), 3 sets upright rows triple drops, Sat:abs and rotator cuffs. My anterior delts are great but my upper chest is lacking so thats why i made the changes. I also cannot train twice a day.

Diet: Massive eating with sundays off (more like pound o’ week). Supps: same as article except for Mag-10. See i live in canada and the only thing i came by was 3 bottles of ergopharms substrate series stack of 19nor4ad and 4ad (100mg each) from a friend lucky enough to get himself some androsol. So i will be taking 600mg of 4ad and 600mg of 19nor4ad a day splitup into 6 doses. I wouldn’t train like this with some type of “assistance” (primo or winny are just too expensive being the only steroids i would use).
So what do you guys think. any input would be great. Thanks. Scooby