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My V-Diet Log


Today I started the V-diet. I am using the last of some protein that I have had sitting around for a while, and when I am done with it I will buy some Metabolic Drive.

Following the diet was not too harb today, but I did mess it up. I went to my brother-in-laws house and was working on some IT issues for him. He brought me a bowl of CHEX mix, and I had 2 or 3 handfuls before I realized what I was doing.

I did notice that my energy levels were a little low at the gym, but I (think I) can attribute that to the carb defenciency.

I also bought some chewable fiber tabs and milled flaz seed today. I actually like the tabs, I think that they taste good and have no BAD sides that I have noticed. The flax seed, on the other hand, is questionable. I have tried ingesting it two ways, just it by itself, and it mixed into my shake. I didnt notice the shake too much, but straight flax had a horriable texture.

I also have some fruit punch flavored creatine mix that I will finish soon, and will order the Biotest version in about 3 or 4 days. Since that is my main source of carbs, I felt that I should use the drink instead of just mixing the pure creatine into the protein shakes that I drink.

day one is almost down. I will have 2 more protein shakes before I go to bed, and I will avoid the stupid chex mix tomorrow.


(I may post BEFORE photos soon. I am a lard ass, so I may NOT post before photos soon.)


Pure creatine = carbs?


day one and you are already slacking,you are doomed.


You better stick to this motherfucker! Don't let us down. And do take some pics. you don't have to post them, wait till your done if you like. OR, you can post them, we can all make fun of you & tell you how your NOT going to make it, which will then make you very very very upset at us all. Then, you'll put that much more into it to prove us wrong.

Sounds great right?! :slightly_smiling:

Now post those pics you lard ass chek cereal eating toad! Muahaha


sorry helga, that was kina confusing to read. The drink that I have has a lot of simple carbs in it to facilitate the uptake of the creatine.


My recomendation...

Don't get started until you are ready. You say you are about to run out of protein and then will order more. You say you have a sugar laden creatine drink but are going to get the better stuff.

Just get the good stuff and then start the diet. You will be dissapointed if you don't have the shit you need and have to break the diet because if bad preparation.


You are doomed to fail if you start unprepared. As suggested numerous times, the V-Diet is based on M-Drive- not some crappy ass protein you had lying around.

How do you start a diet like the V-diet and then forget you are on it? How committed are you?

Umm... duh.

Milled flax is disgusting. I did the V-Diet without it and still had great results. You don't need it and the fiber tabs. Just do one or the other. Don't forget the fish oil.

You don't need anything to ingest your creatine with. The delivery system is a myth. You should have a main source of carbs on the V-Diet anyway. Give up the creatine while on this diet unless you get the Biotest stuff and just mix it with your shakes.

Good luck with that. Chex mix has a way of sneaking up on you. Don't get me started on Gardetto's.

Lard asses shouldn't be doing the V-Diet. You haven't got enough diet experience to handle the V-Diet. Try something more like T-Dawg or something else you think you can stick with.

Sorry to be brutal. But it had to be said.