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My Upcoming Oral Only Cycle


So I haven’t crossed the threshold of injectable yet. Though I do plan to do so after my next upcoming cycle. I’m going to post this upcoming cycle below and invite helpful feedback and suggestions. I’ve been seriously training for 5 years and this is my fourth PH/Oral cycle.

Week Mdrol Trenevar Te Arimidex 11-oxo Magnesium Potassium
1 10mg 10mg 8ml .5mg 100mg 400mg 100mg
2 20mg 10mg 8ml .5mg 100mg 400mg 100mg
3 20mg 10mg 8ml .5mg 100mg 400mg 100mg
4 10mg 20mg 8ml .5mg 100mg 400mg 100mg
5 10mg 20mg 8ml .5mg 100mg 400mg 100mg
6 10mg 10mg 8ml .5mg 100mg 400mg 100mg

Te is a prohormone for 1-testosterone. The 11-oxo is to help keep fat accumulation to a minimum. I will be bulking on this cycle. And the Mag and Pot are to counteract the sides of 11-oxo which dries out the joints by depleting those minerals. I will also be running liver support during my cycle.

Here is my pct:

Week Clomid Arimidex Ostarine 11-oxo Zinc Magnesium Vitamin D D-Aspartic
1 50mg .5mg 20mg 100mg 50mg 400mg 4000IUs 3000mg
2 50mg .5mg 20mg 100mg 50mg 400mg 4000IUs 3000mg
3 25mg .5mg 10mg 100mg 50mg 400mg 4000IUs 3000mg
4 25mg .5mg 10mg 100mg 50mg 400mg 4000IUs 3000mg

Week Choline/Inositol Methionine Potassium
1 2000mg 2000mg 100mg
2 2000mg 2000mg 100mg
3 2000mg 2000mg 100mg
4 2000mg 2000mg 100mg

So clomid and armidex are obviously for recovery of hormone levels. The Zinc, Mag, D, and Aspartic are also all for Test production. The Inositol and Methionine are for the liver. Potassium is for sides of 11-oxo. And 11-oxo and Ostarine (a SARM) are to maintain gains. I will probably keep running them a few weeks after the PCT is done. Should I taper the at the end of the PCT? By how much?



Where is your test?


No test, no good, pin or go on lol


No Test? Might as well just flush the orals if you are not going to run test as a base. Gotta pin!!!


if you are too much of a chicken to pin then steroids are not for you, dont waste your money and health and move on.


The first time you pin, its a rush. Your heart is beating like crazy and your hands shake but when you get it done, it feels awesome. Stop worrying about and just do it but go online and watch videos about self injections, and make sure you keep everything sterile, etc. You wont regret it


seriously, also pinning with a 25-27g needle is like having a mosquito land on your ass and suck your blood… you dont even feel it


With prohormones you may initially make gains, then its going to supress your natural test levels so much you will lose gains.
This is one reason im on trt from doctor now.


I have all the supplies I need to pin except the purchase of the test. I was waiting till my next cycle to do it because I most advice I’ve seen on your first cycle is to do a test only and then add more substances to the next one. Since I’ve done a few oral cycles should I just take the plunge with this one and use a real test base? If so any recommendation for dosage with the above cycle?


300~600mg a week
and you may need caber to control your prolactin if you want to take mdrol