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My Up and Coming First Cycle...

Im going to run 500mg of TEST E in the near future.

My friend has a pro lifter he trains with at the gym and this guy told me 500mg is a waste and i wont have any gains except for a little strenght.

He said to run 500mg for 2 weeks then 1000 lol for 6 then 500 last 2.

I just laughed and said i dont even know how i will react to test E since i have yet to run a cycle and i will not run something this high for my first.

He ask why I am getting my advice for my first cycle. I told him various forums which all say the same thing etc. He just laughed and said dont put your faith in the internet and i have no clue.

Stick to your plan

[quote]saps wrote:
Stick to your plan[/quote]

I would never run that high. He probably wouldnt get any gains off 500 but he has also ran probably 20 cycles over the last 25 years of his life.

You will do fine on 500mg/week.

How old are you? I ask becuase you dont look like you even lift, no offense.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
How old are you? I ask becuase you dont look like you even lift, no offense. [/quote]

Lol no offense taken. Im 34 and lifted since 24 with some breaks. Ive always been small as everyone in my family is. Ive had low T but no doc has wanted to do anything about it.

Not sure when i took that pic… here is a newer one.

You don’t look like you have low T, but you don’t look like you lift consistently either. Just don’t listen to that guy’s advice. 1g/week is ridiculous for a first time user.

Thanks for the reply. I look a lot bigger in the pic I posted but i was just coming off a cycle of Hdrol. My problem is my lean body mass is LOW and my body fights to keep it low.

WHen i had my bod pod test done at 184lbs It said i was 139lb of lean mass. SO even though i dont look fat i always have a nice layer over my gut. My total test last bloods was 400 and my free was 7 out of 6-22.

I train 5 days a week and never miss a beat. Im folling Dave Palumbos cutting diet right now to the tee. I want to get down to 12% ish before i can anything to get this lean body mass up. I have bulked many times in the past eating 40/40/20 and can gain fat at only 2500 calories… My body is a bi tch.

Yea that newer pic is much different. Good luck with your cycle. 500mg T + AI + PCT is a fine way to start.

Im about your weight too and saw great gains with Test E at only 400mg/wk. Granted I did give the cycle quite the jump start with plenty of dbol. My personal opinion is that 500 is a great place to start.
Good luck

500 is a good place to start, dont worry about your friend there.