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My Underpants Exploded Whilst Squatting

The Cube Method is SUPER DANGEROUS

The other day I was squatting and right at the bottom of the squat I heard a loud tear as my underpants exploded. Quite clearly, they couldn’t take the strain from the amount of volume of squats required by The Cube Method.

Be warned - The Cube Method can split your underpants in 2!

The same happened to me about a month ago. I was in the bottom of the squat attempting a new PR and right out of the hole my underpants just blew up–had a 12 inch split down the back! Needless to say I failed the rep because I lost my focus. Getting glutes so big that you split your underpants is a rite of passage for squatters–or a sign that you need to buy the next larger size…

Just like spongebob, you ripped your pants. I too have had this happen to my favorite pair of pajama pants