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My Ultimate Muscle Building Diet


So i've been researching tirelessly and have come up with a diet plan which is sure to add slabs of muscle in no time.

It's a high Protein, low carb (except pwo), moderate fat diet with very high amounts of red meat since I think red meat is essential if you want to maximise muscle gains!

Please tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is welcome.

But just so you know, please don't tell me to add anymore vegetables since I just can't stand veggies lol


Workout Days:

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Lamb curry (minced lamb, generous amount of vegetable oil, tinned tomatoes, spices, salt)

Non-workout days:


2-3 Lamb burgers and 1/2 cup pasta

Lunch and Dinner

Lamb curry (same as above)


Pre-workout - 2 caps (400mg) Caffeine
PWO - 50g waxy maize starch
High Strength Multivitamin pill

I will also be drinking 4 soy Protein shakes per day (in soy milk cause i'm lactose intolerant)

Just for the record I will be doing this in conjunction with a cycle of M1T and anadrol (but I know this isn't the right board to talk about that)

I'm even going to completely ditch alcohol whilst i'm on this to be on the healthy side!


I think you will get very bored with curry in a hurry. The key to staying on any diet is variety. Watch out for the vegetable oils - unless it is olive oil best to minimize. Why no eggs?

Do you have a clue as to how many calories you will need or will get on said diet?

Whey protein typically has very little lactose, and can usually be tolerated by those who are lactose intolerant, and is a hell of a lot better than soy.

By the looks of this, you still have a lot to learn about proper nutrition and diet, and the advise you will get on the other board will be that you are in no way ready for this.


Looks great, but I think you might do the Lamb Burgers on workout days, and then have the Lamb Curry on your off days, unless your lamb burgers are going to be just plain... if not and they are being wrapped, say in perhaps a piece of low carb naan or between two samosas, I think you will appreciate having those after your workouts when you need the carbs most. Will you be having rice with that curry or just plain out-the-pot? Try supplimenting with a lactose free goats milk shake before bed to trickle feed those muscles.


Ditto, i think you'll get bored of eating lamb three times a day pretty fast. Maybe consider mixing it up and making things like beef stew if you wanna concentrate on red meat, and that way you can barely even taste any vegetables you add in.

How about a big scrambled eggs with some steak or salmon in the morning cooked in coconut oil? That'd give you high protein, moderate fat and low carbs and could add some variety.

You also might wanna add some fiber in there so you can shit properly, ever considered some milled flax in your PWO shake? i love it because it adds some texture, and plenty of calories.

and last but not least, why not EVOO instead of vegetable oil? I understand if costs are a factor but olive oil is a healthier alternative.

All in all if you can stand lamb day in day out, all the more respect to you and good luck on your journey!


This guy did the same diet and managed to double his weight in a few months.


soy protein is a no no, no eggs or steak, fuck all variation and no veg!


These two things are oxymorons.

Lamb curry I'm sure tastes good, but do you really think you'll want to live off off it for an extended period of time?


^^^^ X2

Vegetable Oil = Transfats


Have you considered just having a kilo of pork rinds a day?


I can't eat pork or beef, don't like fish, and poultry is for wimps (j/k). Although I have heard that eating chicken/turkey makes people weaker - eat weak animals and you become weaker, eat strong animals and you become stronger, something like that, can't remember where I read it (makes sense to me though).

As for the vegetables/fruit, I have a high dose multivitamin which is more than enough to make up for them (and it's cheaper too).

Can some one tell me what's so bad about taking M1T and anadrol? I think if anything they'll just enhance the effects of a high protein diet.


I'm joking about the pork rinds thing... there is an active thread right now that keeps making me chuckle.

I'll just ignore that part about strong animals vs weak animals.

The multi is not "more than enough" but you'll live without eating vegetables or fruits.

Tell us some more about your M1T and Abomb plan... dosage and length. They will enhance your gains, but also might deliver some extreme sides you don't want.


I think you should eat robots then because they are really strong. Plus if you eat metal, it's gon really hard your muscles up. You'll be super strong and doesn't afraid of anything.



this is nonsense. plenty of bodybuilders got big and strong eating chicken.

multivitamins != vegetables and fruit.

Taking steroids when you have only been training for a year and don't have a clue about nutrition is pointless and just plain stupid.


I was thinking since it's my first cycle i'm gonna 'test the waters' by trying M1T at 10mg for 4 weeks then Drol at 25mg for 6 weeks.

How does that sound?


Haha, well my digstive system can't even cope with lactose lol so i don't think it would handle metal all too well

I know you're most likely ridiculing what I said and you don't have to believe it if your don't want to, but think about it for a second -
Lions hunt extremely strong, aggressive animals like cape buffalo, that's why they too are big and strong (possibly because buffalos, rhinos etc have high testosterone levels?)

But on the other hand, cheetahs go for weak prey like baby gazelles and hares, and that's probably why they're thin, weak and on the verge of extinction.

Just some food for thought.




Why so?


Honestly your whole plan is so off I'm not entirely sure you are being serious...


Wow. I hadn't thought of that. I always thought cheetahs were designed the way they are because evolution dictated their unique biomechanics. I guess your "Ultimate Muscle Building Diet" should include more salamander meat in your diet, 'cause it has an amazing 20,000-40,000ng/ml of testosterone in its blood.


BTW - lions do not eat rhinos.