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My Ultimate Diet 2.0 Log

[b]Wednesday August 10th 2005
-SFLC (10 min mowing, so it wasnt perfect but eh oh well) then 50 minute walk
maybe bball later.

-160 grams pro
-40 grams fat
-30 grams cho
around 1200

havent had any sides on this except one nice sexual one blink.gif if you want details PM me

pretty good day. in an actually good mood for this day of the week…lexapro? who knows [/b]

At 17, you should not be dieting.

[quote]Synthesize wrote:
At 17, you should not be dieting.[/quote]

do you have a decent reason as to whyl and dont say because everything i eat will just get burned off. i am not an ectomorph by any means.

[b]Thursday Aug. 11th 2005
-cleaning 30 minutes, 5/10 intensity(im the bitch at work haha)

-b-ball 20 minutes 3/10 intensity

160 grams pro
40 grams fat
20 grams cho

pretty good day. in a good mood recently…dunno why. could be any combination of life/lexapro/money haha. alright, carb load tomorrow bitches, and it starts with gyros at this nice greek restaurant down here for my belated b-day present from mein auntenfuhrer(low fat of course haha) [/b]

[b] Fri. Aug 12th 2005
kickass session
-back squat 4x6x205
ss w/
-barbell bench 6,6,5 x170lbs

-chin ups 6,5,3 x BW
ss w/
-45 degree DB press 8,8,6 x 55lb’s

-romanian deadlifts 3x8x225

-1/2 swiss ball pushups 12,10,6,6, x BW…really nice move, first ever useful thing i was shown to me at my POS gym haha
ss w/
-bent over rows 3x6x135lbs
good workout…looking hyoogee

high carb
it’ll be clean
im too tired to count right now

really good day. nothing special to report. gonna go order kelly baggetts vertical jump bible. should be a good read. [/b]

UD2 works phenomenally, its just not conventional. Over at Lyle’s site a few guys were using the diet for contest prep (with a few added tweaks). That approach cut their prep time nearly in half.

Overall, how do you feel about the 4 full-body sessions a week?

ill agree with you on its kickassisitidy for sure.

and i only use 3 fullbodys a week, but then again i am smart hah and learn that i can and should taper them according to how i feel. on sundays(when i usually do my power workout) i sometimes will only do 12 total sets, instead of lyle’s reccomended number closer to 20. also i always make sure to get some Power Drive or other nootropic mixture into me soon after i workout, and i usually can get away with 9 hours of sleep a night.

[b] Saturday Aug 13th 2005
moving my sister in/out from champaign to st. louis. fucking hell. no A/C in the truck. dying. didnt even do alot of physical work though. shietsa :blink:

it was clean
prob 6-700 grams cho

good day. got my HEAT finally. looking for a fat PR on back squats tomorrow with the neuro re-learning of it + amp and HEAT combined. did i mention static X will be on the mp3 [/b]

[b]Monday August 15th 2005
depletion :ph34r: 3/3 amp/heat…this worked much better than 2/3 amp/heat
-back squat 12x 60’ secs x95lbs
ss w/
-db bench 12x 60’ secs x25lbs

-latpulldown 12x 60’secs x90lbs
ss w/
-hammy curls 10x 60’secs x40lbs
amp+heat had me wanting to do more :ph34r: but my left knee craps out around set 11 of squats. so no go. but no shoulder pain, which is usually present on depletion days.

~1300 cals
160grams pro
50grams fat
25grams cho
something like 1300 who knows

pretty good day. kept it gansta and read kelly baggetts book on VJ training…good stuff. now to go read his body composition handbook. knee is crapped out but that is usually post-depletion. also for the first time ever there was a mami with fake boobs at the gym. cool.[/b]