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My Typical Workout

Chest, Arms, & shoulders

DB Bench Press 4x6
Incline Bench Press 4x6
Weighted Dips 5x5
Pullovers 4x6
Reverse Curls 5x5
Close grip weighted chins 5x5
Press or jerks 4x6
Lateral Raise 4x6

Back, Legs, & abs

Bodyweight Pullups (Shoulder width apart) 1x15
Weighted Pullups (Shoulder width apart) 5x5
45 degree Barbell Rows or Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Row 4x6
Shrugs or Power Cleans or Hang Cleans 4x6 or 10x3
Back or Front Squats ATG 4x6 or Back Squats parallel 10x3
Deadlifts or RDL 4x6
Weighted Situps on ab bench 4x6
Russian Twists on ab bench 4x6

I will either do the Standing or Seated Calve Raise

Standing Calf Raise (trying to go as high as possible, no rest)
1x15 (shake out each calve)
1x8 (shake out each calve)
1x8 without stopping then as many as possible in 10-15 seconds.
After that, go up with both feet and go down with one, 1x10 per leg.

Seated Calf Raise with 10 rep max (as high as possible)

10 with 105 No rest between each 10
10 with 100
10 with 95 <---- repeat 3 times resting 1min between each set


[quote]BroLac wrote:

What he said.

How can you possibly get through that workout using any type of heavy weights and intensity without being completely wiped out before you’re even half-way through?

I’m sure you give the first few exercises all you have and those bodyparts get a decent amount of work, but after that, I can’t see how the other bodyparts wouldn’t lag behind or be understimulated.

Few people could do that much work and that many exercises and actually gain size or strength.

That’s two workouts, right? If not, maybe you should split it up.

I assume he does an upper and lower split… He listed 2 separate workouts, so he does 1 on the first and and 2 on the next day… maybe thats 3 workouts lol possibly 4

sorry about that

they’re 2 separate workouts, lately I’ve been just switching around between deadlifts and squats.