My Two Year Transformation

Thought I would share my 2 year bulking progress with you. I started out so skinny and weak and couldn’t stand looking young weak and skinny so, I started training with two football players in college to put some weight on me.

I gained a little over 30 lbs that first semester! I’ve been bulking ever since. I weighed in at 207 lbs today just short of two years after.
I’m 5’9 btw.
First Pic- Junior in college (I know… bad hair) 124 lbs.

Midway- fall, 2007- 158 lbs

158 lbs

I cant even look at that first pic lol, nasty.



Spring 2008
198 lbs

Now- 207 lbs

207 lbs

Good job ! Sure you,ve put on some fat but also a very important amount of muscle, you’ll look great when ull drop the fat




IS that REALLY YOU in the first and last pic?

If so, holy fuck, dude.

Ok, looks like you gained mass on your back and chest.

ok. The before and after (207) have a completely different structure. I guess its possible depending on your age…who knows?

so you went from super skinny to being pudgy.

im sure you got stronger and added more muscle, but what good is it if no one can tell?

if you dropped 5-10 pounds and kept it at that level of bodyfat you could look decent and still make gains.

Did you lift weights or just eat?

Are you serious?
The guy’s back and shoulders have gotten a ton wider in the afters. He needs to train his arms though.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Did you lift weights or just eat?[/quote]

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Did you lift weights or just eat?[/quote]

lol I was wondering the same thing O.o

[quote]zraw wrote:
Good job !.. you’ll look great when ull drop the fat[/quote]