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My Two Week Cycle- Final Thoughts Needed

Me- I a 39 years old and have been training a little over 4 years now. My weight today is 192 and I am 5’9" at 15-17%BF (according to calipers). Presently I am on TRT 200mg a month, but plan on reaming my endo’s ass until I get a script for 100mg a week.

This is my first cycle. I choose the two weeker because I am not in a hurry and just want steady progress to keep me in the game. I plan on doing 2on 2off 2on 2off 2on 4off.

Day 1 > 400mg Test Prop./ 100mg Tren A./ 1mg Letro
Day 2-10 > ED 100mg Test Prop./ 50mg Tren A./ 1mg Letro
Day 10-12 > ED 50mg Tren A./ 1mg Letro
Day 14 resume TRT 100mg Test C a week

wait two weeks and start again.

Should I start the letro earlier? Is the a good first cycle or should I skip the Tren for the first 3 two weekers?

Do you get your TRT shot once per month @ 200mg?
If so I would start the “2weeker” during week 3-4 of your TRT “cycle”.

How often do you get your bloods taken for TT measurements IKI? And when in the month is it (if applicable)

I only get 200mg once a month. I am getting my bloods done on Sept 4th, due 200mg on the 8th. I am allowed to self inject. That is the 4th week after my last shot. I should be at my lowest for TT. My dosing sucks but I am going to raise a stick if she doesnt give me 100mg a week. To many highs and lows the way she is doing it. I planned on starting my cycle after my blood work. I will not use my test C during my 2 weeks, but resume after.

Yeah - so you woukld use weeks 2 and 3 for the cycle and have 4 and 1 off for the bloods and renewal of the script.

I think you are telling me my theory is flawed. I give bloods every 84 days. If I ran my protocol.

Would my bloods return to normal with two weeks off?

I plan to skip my TRT dose after the third course, in hopes to clear my blood of the extra high hormones.

Also I still am curious about my questions on the cycle.

I mis read - i thought it said you get bloods monthly on the 4th… sorry.

Disregard the crap i wrote ;D

  1. Letro at 1mg a day is quite high by MY own use (your doses noted) - while i do not drop E too low, i can use significantly less and be fine. I would start lower.
    As for starting it earlier, i assume this is in reaction to having learnt about the time it takes to achieve steady levels? True, but seeing as it takes longer for Letro to achieve stable blood levels than you are even using it for - i wouldn’t… :wink:

  2. It is a fine first cycle - i would have chosen something else i think, different protocol and different drugs too (Tren wouldn’t be there for example)

  3. Nah - keep the Tren. I mean, without it what have you got? 2 weeks of moderate dose Test?

You will have very low T levels two weeks after discontinuing the cycle - You should continue to dose the TRT E2W at 200mg. This will give you your baseline similar to how it is at this time - (I think - KSman would be helpful there).


Thanks Brook you were helpful as usual. The reason for the chosen drugs is due to homebrew, cost and avialability. I will start letro day then at .5mg and see how it goes from there.

Hi Brook, OP

Out of curiosity, I notice no SERM for PCT. Is it because the cycle is so short you do not mention the need for them?

Also, isn’t running Test P at 100mg ED a bit on the high end? I usually read about 350-500mg/wk being the normal dosage.

Some thoughts : ) I’m still learning!


Higher doses are generally used for such short cycles - and actually the shorter the cycle the higher the dose.

350mg/wk is the low end for T in a performance/physique enhancement run- with 500 being quite average and 700 being in the high moderate range (all totally subjective of course)
I don’t use above 1000mg of T, there are much more effective anabolics to stack with T to increase the result while not increasing the crap (you get with high dose T).

The OP is on TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) so does not need any ‘Post Cycle Therapy’ as he does not make his own T endogenously anymore and as such doesn’t need help to do so…

He just continues with his hormone replacement T injections instead.