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My TRT Journey Starts Now


I like it.


Totally agree. I know a few hormone docs that use pellets. Why? Because they have a greater profit margin, that’s the sole reason. It’s supposed to be about what is in the best interest of your patient.


Defy told me it was the over range prolactin in combo with over range E2 for an extended period of time that caused my issue. No as a kid I was 5’9" 155 wide shoulders could see my abs. Very active outdoors no internet or cellphones when I was a kid. You went outside for entertainment cause dad had the TV remote so unless you liked Walter Cronkite, 60minutes, Gun Smoke, Raymond Burr, well you get to point, haha


@e306 looking forward to hearing what defy suggests.


Same here until my teens


Did you have other things looked into or was it just a one time test that showed high prolactin and E2?

" Hypothyroidism can cause enlargement of the pituitary gland, which is treatable with thyroid hormone replacement therapy. High levels of prolactin can also be caused by pituitary tumors. … Certain medications can cause high prolactin levels. Psychiatric drugs such as risperidone and haloperidol can increase your levels."


I have ran a full thyroid panel 2 years ago with defy and I just had blood drawn for my PCP annual checkup with another full thyroid panel I hope to have new numbers in a week.

My TRT doc did not test much back then and I was a total newbie not knowing what to watch for or ask about. Believe it or not my dentist asked me about it first. My shirt had wet spots from each nipple. It was very imbarrasing then my PCP confirmed.


So far, so good as far as I can tell. 2.5 weeks in, my libido started returning like 4 days after I started. Maybe just maybe started seeing some higher than normal strength gains in the gym this week. My first set of labs is in 4 weeks so we’ll see…


@hardlvn What was your initial SHBG level before starting HRT? I’m still in sponge mode trying to learn as much about this as I can before my first set of labs since starting HRT


Pre TRT my SHGB was 35


Some pretty high E2 numbers you had there in the post you made about your protocol with solely Test. I’m curious if a SHBG that’s double your will affect aromatization.

How much and how frequent were your injections on that early protocol?


Does SHGB effect aromatization? I always thought body fat was the biggest that and too much T so the body doesn’t know what to do with it all so it converts it. Why who knows.
My protocol back then was 100/wk one shot a week. No AI no HCG


T converts to estrogen. If too much shbg you don’t have enough t left over to convert to e2. To low shbg you might have allot of t left over to cjvvert into e2. That’s how I understand it.


That’s my understanding also. I am curious how my particular situation will play out in my first set of labs; high SHBG before treatment and I’m on a somewhat high dose of exogenous T. Hopefully the high T won’t lead to excessive aromatization, but that’s why I am injecting twice a week.

Also it seems I read that cruciferous veggies are really good at keep estrogen low. If that’s the case then I may be in good shape. I eat a boat load of broc, cauliflower and cabbage. LOL


Be careful don’t want it to go too low. Can that even happen through diet


So you sued the doctor for putting you on T monotherapy? Never heard of that before. Did you settle?


Yeah it was already in the gutter, but that is probably due to super low total and free T. I have no idea if veggies can make E2 bottom out.


NO I sued him for giving me gyno. They proved he was out of his scope as a pcp and should have monitored my blood more often.


Didn’t he discuss this in the informed consent?


Update. Had a great call with a PA at Defy today and he agreed to all of my requests. Starting with 0.4ml TC twice a week. No HCG. No AI. Test in 2 months and go from there.

Once I pointed out that my E2 was at 22 with 0.1mg Anastrozole dosed 2 weeks prior to my lab draw - he was like “whoa. Let’s not touch Anastrozole for now. If you’re that low on that dose AND on Clomid, you may not need it at all”. He explained that he’d expect more of a need for E2 control on my previous Clomid monotherapy than he’d expect on TRT moving forward. That make sense to you guys?