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My TRT Journey Continues


ok so its been a while since i completely stopped arimidex...

since then, my body obviously has been increasing e2, from a tragic "<2" to something higher. How much higher i do not know without blood testing.

what i do know is that since stopping the arimidex things have gotten better with erections (slightly) and morning wood appeared for a few days (slightly) but mostly that is gone.

When e2 is rising, such as when people first start TRT, they usually have a period of great hornyness, energy, etc, and then after weeks/months it goes away due to e2 rising to high. with that being said, wouldnt i have been feeling great for a few days at least, and then went back into a bad T/E2 balance?

or could my e2 have started to increase, and it increased right past the "sweet spot" of what E2 is best for me, and I am now slightly/moderately above what E2 is best for me?

being a little above the correct E2 level would surely be an improvement over being drastically below the correct E2 level. This would contribute to my feeling better than before while on too much arimidex, yet still not feeling how i used to feel prior to having low natural T and TRT. I know how i used to feel 2-3 years ago, before my T levels got crappy and low. I want that raging horny, strong, driven self back.

what are your current thoughts?

well last night i took cialis. i knew when i woke up i would have an erection for it. i did. it was harder than usual morning wood that i get. but thats cause cialis, like you said, amplifies effects. i figure even if i get morning wood with cialis, or weak morning wood with cialis, this is because i am close to my e2 perfect number.

i do notice since stopping arimidex that when my e2 came up from basically 0 to wherever it is at now, my penis hangs more looseley than before (NICE!) and that my orgasms are better and more semen is present. so hey, im at least CLOSER to my correct E2 than i was weeks ago...lookin on the bright side! i mean even in class sometimes if a cute girl gets too close ill start to feel my penis come alive...I KNOW IM SO CLOSE TO MY CORRECT E2 (but am i high or low)

but not at my perfect number. i belive if only 2 years ago i was a hormonal stud, and that i am only 22 years young, and my testosterone levels are nice and elevated (guessing between 800-1100), that i would be horny and have very nice erections at my perfect e2 number.

i have absouletly no hornyness whatsoever. next to no libido. the other night i was having sex with this girl, and you would figure her being cute and it being our first sex together, i would be nice and horny. no go. i could get an erection, yes. i mean here is a naked college chick haha. sure i got an erection, but i want to have my primal hornyness back.

i found that the sex was almost a chore. this isnt psychological as the same thing happens with other women, both hotter (therefor more likely to turn me on) and less hot (more likely to not cause me to be "nervous"). even worse when i view internet porn, i can get an erection with no hand involvement, just like with the girls sometimes, but i just dont feel that burning desire to jack off.

i do these things anyway because i am young, and it is hardwired in my brain as a part of my life, but i dont have that feral instinct of ME MAN ME HORNY ME WANT SEX. i never get horny throughout the day, or want sex really that much physically. just in my head.

so to sum it up: erections are a 2 or 3 on a scale of 1-5. hornyness is a 1 on a scale of 1-5.

is it more likely at this point that using a very small amount, say .2ml of liquidex e4d would be a better bet, then assuming that i have STILL low e2, and actually need to continue waiting for my e2 to rise still? or that i may even need estrogen supplementation?

its been 3 weeks at least by the way, since i stopped using arimidex and lowered my T shots from 150 e6d to 120 e6d. (this was due to a level of T of "1797" and E2 "<2" while on heavy arimidex and 150mg e6d

so is e2 a little high now or little low? guessing i can take mild amounts of arimidex, and if it helps, then i was high, if it hurts then i was low....

im sorry my posts are so long and detailed, but im now in my final year of college, and im tired of losing this window of opprtunity, when my plumbing and drive was perfect i would be bangin a new girl every week....i want that back! and i hope all the detail paints a complete picture allowing you guys to better judge my situation.

peace and love, thanks to all who are helping me out!


Have you had your adrenal and thyroid function checked? People that have a hard time dialing in their TRT/E2 levels usually have a problem up stream.


yeah i have hypothyroidism. not too severe i guess. i take armour, and my levels for free t3 and free t4 fall within normal ranges. i should try and get them up to the upper end of the scale surely, but i figure if im on armour already how much could that hypothyroidism affect my libido.

anyone reading this please read my previous post here!


Even though your levels may fall within a "normal" range you may not be getting enough. The best doctors go my symptoms not numbers, although numbers are a good starting point.

As thyroid medication increases it becomes more taxing on the adrenals. If your adrenals aren't healthy you won't get all the benefits you are looking for.

Your adrenals need to be dialed in first, then your thyroid, then estrogen, and lastly testosterone. Unfortunately standard protocol tends to go backwards.