My TRT, How Am I Doing?

I’ 52 years old and my old doctor had me on the ‘normal’ bi-weekly regimen of 200 mg of testosterone cypionate and I had begun to suffer from all the side effects. Testicles slowly shrinking, roller coaster moods. I began supplementing with Tribulus just to try and level off the mood swings and crashing.

After reading these forums I contacted Renewman and was tested. In April the basic Quest tests were these.

TT= 562

FT= 143.1

Estradiol= 66

PSA= 1.5

Free T3= 358

I was put on a regimen of 150 mg test split into 75 doses twice a week. HCG 600 units twice a week. .25 mg Anastrazole every other day and 25 mg DHEA daily along with 5,000 Vitamin D daily, Resveratrol, DIM and fish oil along with a multi-vitamin.

In June my numbers looked like this.

TT= 1254

FT= 391.9

Estradiol= 45

PSA = 1.7

I also need to donate blood every ten weeks now.

I haven’t had any bodyfat measures taken but I’ve noticable improved.

I’m 5’7" and weight is 185 both April and June.

I’m not lifting a lot now but primarily training Tae Kwon Do to test for 4th degree black.

I recently attempted to go on a very low card diet but immediately suffered from severe constipation and really bad heartburn. Not sure what was up with that.

I’d appreciate any suggestions on dosage levels for stuff like the Resveratrol, fish oil and DIM as well as diet tips.

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E is way too high, your adex dose needs to be 0.25 * 45/22 = .511, take 0.5mg EOD. This will make a huge difference in how you feel.

Suggest less hCG. Inject 250iu EOD [875/week]. Too much hCG can really drive a high T–>E aromatization rate in the testes. Anastrozole is quite ineffective inside the testes, as intratesticular testosterone [ITT] levels there are way to high for a competitive action AI drug to work. ITT levels can be up to 80 time higher than serum. Some guys on high dose hCG have had very high E levels that cannot be controlled with high doses of anastrozole. You get the T that you need from your injections. You do not need to push the testes to make T.

If you take 0.5mg adex EOD and reduce hCG from 1200iu to 875, your E2 might drop below the target E2=22pg/ml.

If renewman anastrozole is too expensive, you can use a research chem.

I lost a lot of weight, I was never fat, from my chest and other places on TRT and had E2=37pg/ml. That level of E2 make me feel bad. When I started adex and got near E2=22pg/ml my weight loss resumed and I lost weight around my navel that was not going away with the higher E level.

Increase your adex and you may feel major changes in 10-14 days.

You can inject T [.22ml/44mg] and hCG EOD on the same days and take adex at that time if that routine is easier for you.

Thanks for the replies, it’s time for a new prescription and I will talk to them about this. My testicles had shrunk badly on the previous regimen but are about normal sized again.

Again, thanks and I’ll let you all know how this goes.