My TRT/HCG Journey

I am new here seeking your help please, of course low T god knows why have been suffering from this for the past 8 years as my T going even lower with time I had to do something libido went OFF, I guess you guys know the rest.
my doctor recommended that I start HCG first for a month with 2000iu two times a week. And then we check estradiol if needed I start AI.

Seeking other experts opinion as we don’t have expert in this field around here I have an appointment with dr rand McLain also as I don’t really know who to go to, so will keep posting here.

38yr , I workout all my life ( almost 20 years now) BMI 20 and weight is 78kg I take care of my health work out 6 days a week had small history with injections (1 wenestrol 2 dakka) but I stopped my course and did nothing after it so nothing serious however I think this low t been around even before I started working out.
Here is my blood test:

4.8pmol/L (3.1-6.8)

1.15 ng/dL. (0.93-1.7)

1.540 micU/mL. (0.270-4.200)

20 of/mL (11.3-43.2)

8.34. (2.41-11.6)

6.1 (1.7-8.6)

5 (1.5-12.4)

30 mU/L. (14.5-48.4)

Free Testosterone:
0.293 nmol/L. (0.174-0.729)

Total testosterone:
13.01. nmol/L. (9.9-27.8)

PSA 1.44 ng/mL.
Free psa 0.39 ng/ml

I have others reading where my average total is around 10.5 nmol/L all taken between 8-10Am.

Is my 2000iu dosage twice a week good ?

Yea. good for nothing. If you want to do this right Just go for T.

I know what you mean, been reading a lot around here but at least let me check that out.

I went with 250 EOD seems like this is the best option from what I read here.

Dr Rand MccLain really knows his stuff, super knowledgeable and expensive, something like $1200 for a consultation. TRT is your endgame because if HCG works, it’s only a matter of time before it doesn’t. If you can’t have decent testosterone with an LH of 6.1, HCG isn’t going to work.

Another thing to consider, your testicle are responding to LH stimulation poorly, if you look at LH it is better than mid range, testosterone should be higher and it’s not for some reason. We see this in men who abusing steroids, I’m sure there is another medical explanation since you haven’t mentioned anything about AAS.

You should break up your shots two or more times per week to control estrogen which Dr Rand MccLain likes to use anastrozole to control. There are many ways to go about controlling estrogen, one in frequent dosing. In my and others experience, smaller more frequent the injection, the lower estrogen and flatter the hormone profile, more consistent levels and high levels at trough.

I know what Dr Rand MccLain would say to this, it defeats the purpose of the convenience weekly cypionate injections, he doesn’t like the T creams. HCG only stimulates half of the testicles and suppresses the HPTA and can be tricky to control estrogen.

My appointment is in two month from now, so i will try doing hcg for the time been, I went with 250iu though my medication is like 5000iu had to withdraw just a little bit from it.

Can I reuse my hcg after I mix it ? It’s like 5000iu :confused: ?

Also do you think running 250iu without AI not bad for a start ?

I would start out a little higher, 300iu minimum EOD or daily 100-150iu. I remember a study that showed 250iu in one injection and it wasn’t enough for any of the men within the study.

I say increase the dosage solely based of your poor Total T and higher LH.

Thanks will do that !!!

Any one knows how long can I continue using my hcg after I mix it ?

I mixid 5000iu and going 250iu EOD how long can I still use that bottle ?

Is it in bacteriostatic water? Is it refrigerated? Is it frozen? If the answer is “No” to all of these then the answer is not long enough to use it up

It’s two bottled one is I guess sort of water, need to be mixed with powder. I have both composed in the fridge need to be there always.

So I guess once I mix it I can still use it for sometime but I don’t know for sure, and not sure for how long ?

If it’s a little bottle that came with it, it should be bac water. Most guys find it really hard to dose from the 1ml bottle and order a bigger bottle off Amazon or somewhere. Should be good for 30 days in the fridge, remember to not shake it up. Shaking is bad for HCG.

Thanks for the info, yea I didn’t shake it, just rotated it slowly.

I had my second injection of 250iu hcg monotherapy couldn’t help it to see my result until now:
Although it’s 9:00pm
I had these result

Estradiol 5 pg/ml (11.3-43.2)

FSH 3.3 unit/L. (1.5-12.4)

LH 5.4 is/L. (1.7-8.6)

Total free 0.134nmol/L. (0.174-0.729)
Total testosterone 6.7. (9.9-27.8)

I would thought something had moved by now :confused: am I taking a low dosage of HCG?

Please note my estradiol was around 9 pg/nmol before injection also this test is taken not between recommended time (8-10am) I did it 9:00pm

Why people take hcg instead of clomid and estrogen blocker ? Anyone :eyes:

First week had three shots of hcg monotherapy 250iu EOD.

I feel nothing, running test tomorrow morning.

After one week of 250iu EOD results are impressive : test taken between 8-10 am

Estradiol : 23.2 range (11.3-43.2)
( my average is always around 18)

FSH: 2.3 (1.5-12.4)
LH : 2.8. ( 1.7-8.6)

Seems like my body doesn’t like these high values and decreased these values. Although estrogen and testosterone barley up a bit.

SHBG 27.7 (14.5-38.4)

Usually I am around 30, I think I went down a bit.

FT 0.380 (0.174-0.729) UPPPPPPPP

TT: 15.69 (9.9-27.8) UPPPPPPPPP

Nice to see these two are up but I can see estrogen is also up a bit. And my body seems resisting this.

Something is telling my body not to make that high testosterone. Based on what I read here it seems like my body Is resisting these high values by lowering LH and FSH generated by Monotherapy HCG.

Any advices ? Experts ???

Second week on HCG 250iu EOD libido improved a lot but having ED issues.
Should I give it more time ? Increase dosage ?

I am planning to double check my levels end of this week then maybe increase dosage ?

Your LH value will drop. HCG mimics LH , so your body will stop producing it as it will think that there is plenty to go around. Your E2 will creep up on HCG, which could cause ED issues, maybe. Get something to boost Nitric Oxide, like L-arginine and see what that does for you. Your body doesn’t want to make more test, you are feeding it a foreign hormone to force the issue. Expect an argument.

Thanks, but currently I have to deal with it I am doing another test just to see if I am still stable, No idea what to do next I don’t want to go up on estrogen, but maybe it would be good ? With AI

Could DIM and Calcium D-glucorate be efficient in managing E2?

I’m also interested in HCG mono therapy