My TRT Experience

My first blood work was done with my general physician after him recommending several different tests according to my symptoms (mainly my low sexual desire for someone my age.) These tests came back as follows:

testosterone 221 low
prolactin 11.7 normal (2.1-17.7)
FSH 1.2 low (1.4-18.1)
LH 0.4 low (1.5-9.3)

He decided to put me on androgel and I eventually switched to enanthate IM 200mg every other week. After 7 or so injections I decided to switch over to an endocrinologist after suggested by my doctor. The endocrinologist decided to take my off testosterone and find out what was wrong, he ordered a MRI looking for pituitary tumors- which came back negative, but still put me on bromocriptine. I eventually switched to a different endocrinologist after mine couldn�t find anything wrong. At the new endocrinologist (after 8 months of being off testosterone) I tested again early morning to see if my levels had gone up. I tested at 250ng/dl and the new endocrinologist decided to put me back on trt cypionate 100mg weekly. I do IM injections currently myself though I am familiar with doing it subcutaneously. In the first appointment with the new endocrinologist I mentioned HCG as I want to have kids and keep up production of pregnenolone as mental health is important to me. I also mentioned anastrzole to manage my E2 to keep my levels in check. He was ok with the HCG but wanted me to wait a couple of months and check out my new blood work. The anastrzole scared him a bit as he thought I may be looking for a �drug cocktail.� I hope to be on a full trt protocol when my doctor and I build more trust.