My TRT Diet That Worked for Cutting

Hi All,

I’ve read a lot of good stuff here and it helped me get started on TRT (200/mg/week now) and resolve a lot of issues and also make the best of it. With that said, I’d like to share a diet approach that worked very well for me towards cutting out fat. Nothing special, however, it’s very simple to follow and it minimized my hunger more than any other approach I’ve tried (and without counting calories):

Super easy, no counting calories…here we go:

First Meal - 2PM (largest)
1/2 cup (uncooked) steel cut oatmeal w/ bunch of frozen blueberries and raspberries

4 whole eggs w/ 2 whites cooked with spinach and a bunch of turmeric powder and 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil (I leave the yolks semi soft)

Eaten on Siete crunchy almond tortilla w/ 1 whole Avocado

Right there that will keep you full until at least 6PM, and I train at 5:30PM.

On workout days, next meal will be:

White Rice (not measured)
Protein (chicken, ground beef, steak, etc)
Bunch of steamed Broccoli and/or Cauliflower

On non-workout days, next meal will be:
Same as above, without the rice

If I’m needing more food, based on activity/cardio level on my off days, I could throw in:

1 can of sardines w/ green salad + avocado
2 Ezekiel toasts w/ almond butter and 2-3 cups of milk

I’ve stayed active with weights 2 max 3 times a week, cardio on most off days (low impact), and staying active (walking as much as possible, not sitting, stretching when watching TV instead of sitting on the couch, etc).

I felt the diet approach above could work well for others so I thought I’d share. Best of luck, hope this helps someone!

Might be a better sell if you posted results

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First meal at 2pm. This sounds like you’ve stumbled upon Intermittent Fasting…

Sorry… I just re-read your post, and it looks like you could have also meant First meal THROUGH 2pm, instead of First Meal AT 2pm… Sorry if I misinterpreted that.

I’ve read IF works very well and am thinking about trying it myself in a few months. Like all tools for cutting fat…be careful that you don’t turn it into a lifestyle. It all amounts to the same thing…caloric deficit. You eat less than you burn, then you lose weight. You eat more, you gain. The big issue long term is that an extended caloric deficit, no matter which style of eating/ not eating is being utilized, will slow down the metabolism over time, so be careful how long you maintain this style of eating.

The only real difference in the different methods for creating a deficit is how beneficial the foods that you eat are, in terms of how they are broken down and utilized by your body, and how much satiation the food has, meaning how full it makes you feel and for how long…

Glad to hear about your success! As @dextermorgan said, post up some progress pics!