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My TRT Adventure, Questions

Hi all. Very very informative site. I have learned alot and know I still have alot to learn. I’m very very green to all of this but felt so bad for so long I had to do something. 15 months ago I changed my diet - mostly lean meat, cruciferous vegetables, etc and dropped my weight from 233 to 221. Several friends referred me to the doc I have now. Don’t shoot me here ok, lol, I do not have my labs, and didn’t understand their significance much less how to read them until I found this site, so I’ve requested my labs from the doc last year, and the most recent ones from my current doc. I will post those as soon as I have them but I do remember some of the values. I do know my Cortisol was high, testosterone was 336. I was put on Letrozole 1mg ED and MIC/B12 1ML E3D for 30 days. On the 6th of January I was switched to Anastrozole 1mg EOD, Testcyp 150mg E6D, HCG 400 iu ED and Phentermine 19mg cap x2 ED. Now, I realize w/o my labs most of what I’m saying is useless but until I get them I have some questions that may or not be answerable.

I began to distrust doctors over the last year or so, as it appears many have, and started asking questions. The day I got my Test I found this site and began to understand protocol, and I’m avid reader who thirsty for knowledge so bear with me. After reading the Test injection sticky I asked if I could divide my 150mg E6D Test into two 75mg SC and was told that was ok. So it begins. I never felt any effect of the Test thus far (day 7) and I’m not looking for it per se, however, about 3 days ago my morning wood disappeared, my libido went with it along with Mr Erection. (I’m assuming they split a cab since it seemed to happen at the same moment). From the beginning I was suspicious of the 1mg EOD Anastrozole, that comes out to 3.5mg per week vs. The 150mg per week of Testcyp. Also if I have it figured right on the HCG, it looks like it was 400iu pet day. Correct my if I’m wrong but my vial says 12,000 units, It came with 6ml water, so once mixed I have 12,000 units per 6ml right? Prescription says .2ml daily so that works out to 2000 units per ml .2ml would be 400 iu right? Or am I wrong?

So my questions, in the norm, are: 1) isn’t 400iu Hcg ED high? 2) Isn’t 3.5mg anastrozole per 150mg Testcyp also high? Yesterday I could barely get out of bed, I had a foreboding feeling all day, mind fog, not steady on my feet, then I began to sweat. Last night I soaked the bed (sweat), and woke up with a fever, near 103. I haven’t taken anything today, and I realize the fever could mean I’ve got a bug, but prior to this where did woody and his friends go? I am at 205lbs now, my BMI was, when I weighed 211 was 32. I’m 47. This is my third day off the anastrozole, I’m due per script for my Hcg today but until I feel that dosage is correct I’m going to lay off. I have one day until my next 75mg Testcyp.

Again, w/o labs I know I’m flying blind but do these dosages seem extreme to anybody and does anyone have any thoughts. I’ll ad that I am taking adrenal complex twice a day, daily multi w/kelp, vitamin D3 10000iu ED, and eating I think appropriately, drinking a protein shake in the morn and water throughout the day.

That is a huge amount anastrozole. The protocol is 1mg/100mg of test. This is assuming you’re not an over-responder (I am). So, if you’re doing 150mg of testosterone cypionate weekly split up into two doses a week, you should be taking .75mg of anastrozole at the time of injection. Try that and see how you feel after a few days. That dose of adex may have very well made you feel like death.

You are correct about the reconstitution of the hCG. Most either inject hCG EOD or 2x/week. Everyday injections is unnecessary. Also, most only inject 250iu per injection. 400iu isn’t a BAD thing. It’s kept to 250 so you don’t desensitize the leydig cells to REAL LH, which is what hCG mimics if you didn’t know that already.

The huge anastrozole dose is almost certainly the reason Mr. Woody and Libido McDickerson took off on you.

Why are you taking phentermine? How long?

Post the labs when you get a chance, and get the ones you’re missing whenever you can.

Thank you Kaynon. I was suspicious of the anastrozole amount right out of the gate. After reading all I’ve read here I was certain that the ratio was 1mg anastrozole to 100mg Testcyp. That would have put me at what you said, .75mg per injection at 75mg Testcyp. I’ve only been on phentermine since Jan. 6, to lose the 30 lbs I need to but I haven’t taken it since I started to feel bad.