My Trip to a Herbal Healer

My mom took me to a herbal healer store which claims to have natural herbs and pills to cure things that regular storebought pills might not do. She took me in a room and sat me in a chair. I swear I smelt piss the whole time! When she left the smell was still there. I was guessing that the type of people they are, they scrubed the floor with piss in that room. Anyway to be honest, the lady was 60, but I would’ve never known! She looked 90 and half dead!

Well anyway she claimed to do some readings of my inner organs and said that my liver was weak. What she did to determine that was I had to hold up my arm while she pulled down on it. I figured out what she was doing though. She would pull down on my arm making me use a stronger muscle group in my shoulders when she claimed that the organ was strong, but when she claimed that the organ was weak, she pulled down making me use a much weaker muscle group.

A bodybuilder would give or atleast the average big man couldn’t lift her up with their shoulders alone. When she pulled and t he organ was fine, she made me use more of my biceps to resist which made it a lot easier. Enough of that though. I was shocked that all of the stuff that she pointed out in her book was true! She told me that I was this and that and it was all true of how I was feeling.

I don’t think I wore my emotions on my face. But then again, when she opened her book of emotions, she turned the pages with her eyes closed and then pointed out the emotion without looking. Anybody else had any experience with this kind of stuff?

sounds like you caught a case of the gheys lol

on a serious not my dad went too one( he was having stomach issues) anyway she was more a massage therapist/herbal healer (i dont know i thought it was hella gay) anyways as she massaged his foot she goes you have problems with ur stomach atm?

i always found that kinda weird

Is your dad part of the phylum Mollusca? They have stomach-feet…we eat them.

There are some kinesthetic tests that can determine some physical ailments, usually joint issues/weaknesses. many pressure points/acupuncture points are quite effective, and if a practitioner is skilled enough can make generalized guesses at possible problems (by no means conclusive, but sometimes are on point).

My Kung Fu instructor was quite good, fixed some ringing of the ears of a friend of mine, made some woman who trained at the school sweat (she had never sweat in her life, became very overheated).

Some cool stuff.

It’s called kinesiologic testing or muscle testing. Like every other modality, there are good practitioners and bad ones. When used by a skilled practitioner it can be an incredible diagnostic/heealing tool. In the wrong hands I can see where it comes off as hocus pocus