My Trial and Error

Figure I would write about my mistakes and what i’ve learned. So new people don’t fall into my bumps along the way. Plus I can’t sleep.

Background i’m one of those people with a super fast metabolism that way you can know if your one of those peopel that can relate with me better.

First mistake being born before T-Nation ok all jokes aside serious now.

  • When I first started at 14 I overtrained to an extreme it just made sense to work as hard as you can. It go to the point I would workout for 3hrs eat rest for an hour work out again for a few hours. A first I was getting bigger so My hours kept uping because I figure just work harder this eventually backfired to the point I was getting losing size.

  • Ignoring my body when things hurt this actually kind of became a blessing as my shoulder hurt to much the bench press and I lost interest in workout out and took a very long but needed break. I was lucky nothing seriously go injured

  • No rest days I look back to my health class inhigh school and the teacher saying rest every other day think to myself rest is for pussies I don’t need rest I can take the pain. I was a moron this caused my body to never grow.

  • Bad diet and blindly following diet articles. Diet articles can generally teach you a lot but blindly accepting them is a no no. Everybodies body is slightly different listen to you body. I used do low card diets and even no carb diets for my body this was bad I needed more carbs. You need to find the balance that works for you and your goals.

  • Supplements they are useless if you don’t know how to use them. Even something as simple as a protien shake can be pointless without proper diet.

I’ll say this over and over listen to your body. It might seem strange and you might not know how but your body tells you things the more you train it be it weightlifting or sports the more intuned you’ll be and start to understand it. When I was young I was very sports active but I didn’t udnerstand to listen to my body. In turn because of all the stupid things I needed to take a long rest because I wasn’t developing as a result to the shock I put on my body.

You’ll hit road bumps along the way. Discipline for weightlifting comes over time if you quit along the way when your young try it when you get older you might start to enjoy it. Once your at that age that you are focused in around your mid 20’s for most weightlifters I would say it becomes the most pleasant experience.

T-Nation, T-Nation, T-fuckenation. This site is a great source of knowledge if only I had this site when I was younger.

This isn’t amazing new stuff just my personal experience and a reflection on the dumbshit I did along the way. Hope it can help somebody.