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My Transformation... I Guess

So looking at some of the threads people have posted here to showcase how they’ve changed throughout the years from scrawny kid to jacked teen of man made me want to scan through my old pics and I realized I might have a little bit of a transformation of my own.

I thought it’d be fun to make a thread here and post some of the pics I found.

2014 - age 14, never trained or dieted in any way, shape or form


2015 - one year later, during summer I’d decided I wanted abs and went through my very first diet, no weight training yet


2016 - at the age of 16, I started hitting the gym. First pic is about 2 months after I started hitting the weight (with all the Instagram filters and stuff), the other one is almost one year in after my first very poorly gone bill



Early to mid 2018

6 weeks ago I started working with Paul Carter (currently cutting fat, almost done tho), which brings us to what I look like…


Next goal after the cut: put on mass!

It’ll be fun to see where I am in two years tbh. Sometimes I think I’m not getting anywhere but looking at these pics helps me remember of how far I’ve gotten so far.