My Transformation: 170 to 210, 17 y/o

It was a tough battle and I definitely not finished.
I started at 155lbs in jan 2006 (was 16 y/o at the time), currently I’m 210, 6’0 exactly, with a bodyfat between 17% and 19%.

@ 170lbs:

@ 180lbs

@ 210lbs

@ 210lbs (2) in shitty lighting

@ 210 (3)

Nice transformation! How was your routine and diet like? You’ve definitely done a good job man=)

My diet was pretty bad for the first half of the transformation. My routine was some crappy split that didn’t really do much except for noob gains and overtrain my body. I started to do more research, spent far too long in front of the computer reading about everything basically. Eventually I got my act together and started to make good progress.

For the past 6 weeks I’ve been on that “shotgun method” routine. I simply love it… best routine I’ve ever done.

I’m eating pretty clean I suppose… I get about 400kCal surplus on training days (3800ish in total). The macros being approx 30-50-20.
I’m trying to gain as much lean mass as possible before I go to uni, because then I’ll have a part time job and I’ll be able to “fund” a cut and I’ll have more free time to do cardio on offdays etc.

I was reading your thread and then I got distracted by the double shot of Michelle Levesque. So…yeah

Excellent job. Good gains - looking decidedly bigger.