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My Tram Experience


crazy ho goes off on a profanity-laced racial tirade on the British tram, while balancing her 4 y/o on her lap no less, while being surrounded by minorities.

she's got balls. not sure how she figured on getting off that tram alive. i'm surprised nobody shot or stabbed her yet. supposedly she's in hiding or something now since threats have been made on her life.


Poor kid.

I bet she is on the dole.


I think she has since been arrested.

Gotta feel for the kid though. I wonder what the reaction would have been if the woman was alone though?



According to Britian First, she is just a feisty mother.


she probably would've gotten a fist to the face.

when someone like you tells you to stfu (the other "British" lady with a kid), you should probably stfu.

I disagree entirely with her point of view. one of the bystanders nearby stated that the minorities do the jobs that other Brits won't. it's the same story over here.


It is no secret that the western world is being invaded by people from nowhere. If you don't care about it or think that I am racist you clearly don't live with it in your daily life (yet).


^well in North America Europeans did all the invading for awhile. Why should they have all the fun?


Oh noes! Nowhere Man is invading.


Yeah, well, but that kind of is his point.

The American Indian culture did not survive this.


I understand that but it also points to a bit of an egocentric understanding of the world.

Hell, I am from Texas where over 50% of the school population is of Hispanic origin. I am not saying it bad but if you do not understand that people move around then you do not understand history or the world at all.


"Britain is fuck all...my British is fuck all... go back to Si-Nig-Nikaragwa" < "people from nowhere" aren't the problem.

"Stupidity transcends race".


Animals (including humans) have been migrating since life began.


I feel like the other people on the tram would not have let her go on so long as she did here in America. I was surprised the kid who got up at 1:14 didn't actually get in her face. Kind of disappointed he didn't either.
Serious question, as I've never been out of the States: are bystanders really this docile normallyy in the UK, or is it just in this video?


In my experience from where I live, Generaly yes. The people who usualy get involved are the people like this woman - Retarded.
where I live this is a good representaion of a good 60 - 70% of the general population. Walking to the shop in their pajamas with your staffy, a fag and your troop of screaming kids.
Britain is going down the plug hole and it isn't because of imigration.


The kid got up on "nig" . He thought she was using a racial slur but was grasping to name a country and came up with a portmanteau of Siberia, Nigeria and Nicaragua. She did get as good as she gave off one of her 'peers' at the end.


fucking triple word score!


I guess white trash breeds everywhere. LOL at the other white trash yelling about her baby but she's cursing and yelling as equally loud as the instigator. Gotta fuckin love it. There will never be a shortage of potential Jerry Springer guests. Ever.


Full credit to the entitled chav who thinks 'black' is a country for allowing me to use that word.


These are the white trash people blaming immigrants in the UK for all the countries problems, when they're the main contributor to the problem.

I doubt she has a job, but nonetheless, something like 70% of the the people on benefits (the dole) in the UK, are white locals. Their life plan is have a kid at 16, get a house for FREE and sit on your lazy ass while the government takes care of you. Then, complain about everyone else ruining 'your' country.


I actually laughed when I saw this. Not that bad. I've heard worse. The woman is clearly under the influence...but that's how the truth usually comes out.

She clearly has never been out of London. She's in a multicultural city, what does she expect? Most white people live in the outskirts. Most drive and don't take the tram. Some take the train to the city or Metro (subway).

Her country is taken over by the minorities? Seriously? Has she ever been to most parts of England or Britain where you can count blacks and Indians on the fingers of one hand?

And lol @ the young boy at the back getting up at the word ''nig'' when she was only saying Nicaragua.

The child on her lap was the only reason she didn't get a good slap on the mouth.

And you can tell that boy is used to that kind of behaviour. Ignorance breeds ignorance. No wonder you still get 5 years old calling minorities derogatory names when they walk down some streets of England.