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My Training Videos


I finally figured out how to video my lifts and make the files small enough to upload.

These are my last 2 sets of bench during my ME Bench day, working up to a 3RM (though the last one I only got 2).

Second to last set, 315 for 3:

Last set, 335 for 2:

I see by looking at these that I may need to work on keeping my ass down.

I felt it lift off on one of the reps, but thought it was down for the others. I guess that's the good thing about video taping yourself.

2 weeks ago I got a PR of 355 for 1, and the week before that I got 335 for 3. Last week I barely got 335 for 1 and now this week I'm up to 2.

Still weaker than 3 weeks ago! Not good! But still stronger than any weeks prior to 3 weeks ago.

Since I just figured out how to do this, and how to edit the videos so they're not 30MEG, I'll post each ME workout, or other lifts that I need work on my form.

That first one got cut off early, so I re-downloaded it, then I realised that I still cut the video too short when I edited it.

Okay, since I'm still having trouble with that first video, I just uploaded the original one that's close to 25 meg, but realised that it takes forever to upload, so:


^^Here is that same video, but shortened and quicker to download.


It's hard to critique your form due to the angle of the camera and the weight being in the way.


Yea, you're right. The free editor also put those words across the screen and it just happened to be right along the bench so it's hard to see my butt coming up.

I'll position it better next time. Maybe at a 45 degree angle pointing from my feet to my head.


Is it just me, or does the bar come down in a diagonal during your bench? I'm no expert on benching by any means, but I remember Dave Tate mentioning this in one of his articles, possibly TNT I or II. Something to think about, maybe?


The vids are hard to judge based on the angle. You look strong though.

Personally I like to practice my benches with the pause. It allows me to "train how I compete"; my breathing and execution for contest is practiced.

If you are arching, I would put chalk on your shoulder blades. It will keep you from slipping. I can put the chalk on myself with a t-shirt.



That's a strong lift, but it seems like you're training your bench balls to the wall every workout, that would explain your being weaker than 3 weeks ago, I recommend that you load for 3 weeks and then de-load for 1. And on your load weeks change things around a bit, for example:

week 1 work up to a 3RM
week 2 work up to a 1Rm
week 3 work up to 90% of your 1RM and do 5-7 singles with it.
week 4 Deload by working up to a 5RM.

Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work.


That's a good suggestion, I think I'll try that.

I was too caught up in getting the same or more weight every workout (since I was hitting PRs like crazy for a couple months) and I noticed my form, and ultimatley my strength suffered.

I just get scared of doing a de-load week, even though I know it will help I feel like I'll lose something if I don't keep hitting the heavy weights.

The more I watch those videos, the more I see things wrong with what I'm doing.

I was rushing the work up sets to save energy for the last set, and even try to rush each rep to make sure I get all 3.

I've told tons of people not to worry about weight, and to keep their form perfect no matter what, but here I am not doing what I know I should.


SWR, I used to have the EXACT same mentality as you: every week should be a PR. Since stagnating with that philosophy several years ago, I have learned to periodize and not go "balls to the wall" every workout. Deloading does NOT make you weaker. I've done the 3x3 where you go 4 weeks at about 60%. I did NOT get any weaker.



Tomorrow is my DE squat/dead day, and the last of the 4 day split that I'm doing so I'll finish up with that workout as is, then de-load.

I have noticed that I haven't been able to lift 2 days in a row these past few weeks because I felt physically drained, so I'd just take the day off and push everything over a day, and one time I even took 4 days straight off, and so I considered that to be enough 'de-loading' and went right back into the heavy training.

I'm also using the "I Need Some Mass" template from the Elitefts templates booklet and it calls for a heavy tricep dominant compound movement on the DE bench day.

This was having me work up to a 3RM on my ME bench day, then a few days later I'd work up to a 3RM with pin presses, pushing up to 485 off of pins. I guess looking back on it, my CNS and upper body joints could probably use a good break from the heavy lifting.

I also wanted to make sure I had enough of a workout routine completed and written down before I plan to work with Eric Cressey to be officially trained by him, so he has enough info to go off of.

I hope to have the money to pay for that in about 3 weeks (just got a call today on a new job! yeay!).