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My Training video: Includes Strength Training

Just wanted to share this and see what u think(THE VIDEO BELOW), ive been sitting down with a shoulder injury for 15 month now… Was about to get surgey soon, but it suddenly has gotten allot better, il see on monday what il do…

Hope you like it :slight_smile: Likes & comments are apprieciate, and a motivation to keep on going hard! :slight_smile:

Since this is a “picture section” il also upload a picture from this summer(i couldnt find a more suiting place to post my video)

im recently turned 23 now btw.

Cool stuff man, i’m impressed. Those chins were very impressive. Made me miss grappling aswell.

Awesome video! You r a beast! I wouldnt want to fight you. 9

^^^haha beast felt sorry for the lad in the red top

Your double leg needs work. Honestly though, you’d have me crying in a round. Good stuff man.

Nice lifting. Grappling always looks funny from a judo background point of view

very cool stuff here!