My Training Routine for Strength

Hey guys. I used to lift a lot a few years back, took time off and am getting back into it. My goals are a 225lb OHP, 405lb Squat and 455lb Deadlift and 30+ bodyweight pullups. Right now these are my stats:

Bodyweight: 180lbs
OHP: 145lbs x3
Squat: 335lbs x1
Deadlift: 365lbs x1
Pullups: 25 bodyweight

I was doing a variation of starting strength for a while then I was planning on switching to something more like a 4 day upper lower split, but university got hectic and I can’t be in the gym for 4 days a week, so I want to go to a little more intermediate 3 day routine. Something like the Texas Method. Here is what I am thinking:

Sunday(Volume Squat/OHP):
-Squat 80% 1RM 5x5
-OHP 80% 1RM 5x5
-Deadlift 50% 1RM 5x3
-Pullups 5x15

Tuesday(Intensity deadlifts):
-Deadlift attempt PR
-BTN OHP 2x5
-Squat 50% 1RM 5x3
-Pullups 1xAMRAP

Thursday(Intensity Squat/OHP):
-Squat attempt PR
-OHP attempt PR
-Deadlift 50% 1RM 5x3
-Pullups 5x15


What is your progression week to week? Going for a PR multiple workouts every week is going to be a waste of time. I would buy the 5/3/1 book and read it from cover to cover and follow the principles as written. I think you will be happier with the results.


Getting a 405 squat and 455 deadlift should not be a problem, and can be obtained by basically any strength program at your body weight. 5/3/1, 5x5, Texas Method, etcetera.

Now, a 225 strict OHP at 180 lbs??? That might take some time, unless you are a freakishly strong overhead presser already.To reach that, you will most certainly need to be more aggressive with volume and intensity down the road at some point and give that some time to build.

Pull-ups, if you are already doing 25, then 30+ should be right around the corner if you increase pull-up frequency. Such as, doing a set after every pressing movement, etcetera.


225 overhead is way harder than either of your lower body goals.


I’d shoot for a 176 lbs ohp first and then see how you go. Your squat and DL shouldn’t be an issue at all.

I’d also suggest using a proven program that is sustainable in the long term. One that springs to mind is 531.

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I don’t know how to reply to multiple people in one post so I will reply to this with more answers.

I have read about 5/3/1, from my understanding it has you squatting 1 time per week (2 if you squat as assistance after your deadlift) and I am looking for something that has me squatting 3+ times a week. Squatting more often is just a preference of mine and I feel like if I do exercises more often I will get better at them faster because my technique will improve faster (not saying I need to lift with max loads all the time though). Is this line of thinking flawed?
Is the Texas Method or some variation of it not good for me? I am gravitating towards it because of the higher frequency squats and replacing all the bench work with overhead work.
I guess maybe my goal of a 225lbs overhead press is a bit much… I guess a bodyweight overhead press should be my primary concern and I can worry about 225lbs later haha.

Not entirely, but you’ll be able to improve your squat fine squatting twice a week. Nothing wrong with the Texas Method, but you could also do 531 with two press days - even to the extent of doing each day twice (ie no change in load, just do 5s twice in 5s week, etc). I know that’s not 531 as written, but I suspect it would work. Then do squats as a DL assistance and you’re set.