My Training Regimen For Football

I have football in four weeks and I want to do some strength training and cardio. Most of the summer I have been bulking so now I wanna start to train for football. May be a little late but I gotta do what I can with 4 weeks.

So far heres what I have planned

Sunday - lift
Monday - run
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - sandbag lifting routine (cleans, walking deadlift, bent over rows, squats) and possibly run afterwards
Thursday - rest
Friday - lift
Saturday - run

This probably looks like a mess so could anyone help? I wanna keep it simple because of my job. I also have no idea what to do on them two lifting days (mon and fri). So help would be appreciated.

I’m a college basketball player and my advice would be especially with 4 weeks really focus on conditioning and just trying to keep the strength you gained, you will prob, need more than 2 days of running.

I currently do conditioning right now even though the season is 4 months away but i like to always be in tip top shape year round, what i would do and what i actually do is intervals 3 days a week, i do 100 yard sprints, job back rest 45 seconds and repeat a certain number of times i start at 10.

And i also do hill sprints at 25yards job back, and rest 20-30 seconds repeat about 20 times, in between rest once you get good do pushups and a little bit of core work, this has helped alot as far as conditioning for me, and if you can do some conditioning work on the pool, but with 4 weeks left do everything as game like as you can

ok well im mainly just gonna run my ass off as much as I can, and I really wanna try out this little sandbag routine that I found, seems intersting. On top of that I just want like a simple 2-day lifting routine that I can use to maintain my strength. What would be good for that? Like a push day and a pull day?

Bench Press

sandbad circuit
Mixture of cleans, walking with the bag, bent over rows, and squats

Shoulder Press

On top of that, running as much as I can. I’m not sure if the to lifting days look any good but that’s where I’m asking for advice.

That is all.

Ok I dunno if you have problems reading or not but I’m looking for a simple 2 day routine that I only need to use for like 4 weeks. Thanks - The B program. Or doggcrap with half the frequency