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My Training Program

This is based on James’ Chans articles on the Shotgun Method.
My goals are to get down to 8% body fat and put on some lean mm mass.
I am about 188cm (6 foot 2ish) and 88 kg

Giving this method a try. This is my program + my weights atm.
Any opinions, comments, advice is appreciated.

Day 1 - Shotgun
-Clean and Press BB 8x3 at 75kg
-Weighted Pullups 8x3 at 25kg
-Deadlift BB 8 x 3 at 160kg

Day 2 - Troubleshooting
A1 Seated Calf Raise 3 x 12 at 75 kg
A2 DB Lat Raises
B1 Bulgarian Split Squat bb 3x12 at 60kg
B2 Seated Cable Row 3x8 (not sure of the weight, playes are numbered)
C1 Incline DB Curls 3x8 at 18kg
C2 BB Tricep Ext Supine at 40kg
D SB Pushup (Feet on bench) 3x max

Day 3 - Core
Thibs ab program from ‘Ab Training for Athletes and Babehounds’

I have been doing light to mod fasted cardio every morning before breakfast and HIT on the abs day and some steady state after teh trouble shooting day.

Any advice, feedback or comments would be appreciated