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My Training Plan - Looking for Some Insight


Hello there guys!

I’m new to the forum, but I’ve read alot of articles and gathered lots of information from T Nation.
I’ve been training at home for 2 years, but decided to try a new plan without the “big lifts”, specially because I’ve never been able to do them without feeling pain - and, therefore, couldn’t get much progress out of it.

I’ve been training to some physical trials - Cooper’s test, push-ups, obstacle run, that kind of stuff - and I’m trying to complement that with some “gym work” so, here’s the plan that I designed.

Day 1:

-Bulgarian Split Squat (4x8 )
-One Leg RDL (4x8 )
-Glute-ham Raise (3x6)

-Dumbbell Bench Press (5x8 )
-push-ups (2x20)

-one-arm dumbbell press (shoulders) (3x6) and side laterals (I’ve been thinking about doing 3x12 with less weight, since my shoulders tend to get tired easily);
-Farmers Walk
-Plank or other pilates’ variations

Final: running or rope jumping

Day 2:

-Bulgarian Split Squat (3x12)
-Hip thrust (2x20)

-Hyperextensions (2x10)
-One arm dumbbell row (4x8 )
-inverted rows (3x10)

-Chin ups (4x8 )
-Abs exercise (i’ll think about these when the time comes)

Final: running/rope jumping

Day 3:

-Bulgarian Split Squat (4x8 )
-Box Step up (2x20)
-Single leg RDL (4x8 )

(I’ve been thinking about replacing the leg exercises with some plyometric exercises instead. Just wondering if it would be best to do those on day 2 or 3, or just to them once I feel like doing them)

-Inclined Dumbell bench press (5x8 )

  • push-ups (2x20) - eventually a variation that focus more on the triceps, for example.

-Hyperextensions (2x10)
-Pull ups (3x10)

Final: running/rope jumping

So, if you guys could give me some insight, I’d be thankful. The idea is to do a fullbody work every training in about an hour.

What do you guys think of it?
Thanks in advance!!


Instead of avoiding an exercise because of pain, a smarter approach would be to figure out exactly what’s causing the pain and address the actual issue instead of ignoring it and giving it a chance to get worse/manifest elsewhere.

[quote]I’ve been training to some physical trials - Cooper’s test, push-ups, obstacle run, that kind of stuff
Is there a specific goal or run you’re looking to reach? That’d go a long way to helping figure out a plan.

Your plan looks a little all over the place. I’d suggest this simple full body program, using appropriate exercise choices that you can handle.

Add some kind of hard conditioning either after lifting or on separate days.


Thanks for your answer!

Starting with the “avoiding exercises” thing: i’ve been training with Deadlifts and Squats for a long time. With Squats, my main issue is with the pelvis tilt. The therapist that works with me believes that’s a genetic “problem” and that we can’t do much about it - we do alot of work stretching and working Hamstring flexibility, so I don’t think that’s the issue.
With Deadlifts, I’ve always felt bad after performing them and my back is in neutral position - and my neck as well.

Speaking about the plan itself: I understand what you are saying and I agree. The main reason why I decided to ask for help, was precisely because I was feeling that the plan was a bit “confusing”/too long/“all over the place”, as you said.

My goal is to be able to run 2400km in 12minutes, as long as being able to perform 35 push-ups, 40crunches in a minute. These are my focuses at the moment. Push-ups are not a problem, although I believe I should be capable of performing 35 easily than I actually am.

I’ll take a look into the articles that you suggested. Thanks in advance!

PS: I don’t have a problem with barbell bench press; I just feel that dumbbell bench pressing feels more natural to me.


… … … I’m gonna guess that’s a typo.

I’d say the next step is assessing how close you are to each of those goals right now, and that’ll help further fine tune the plan. Like, if you’re 5-10 reps shy of either exercise, you wouldn’t really need to do much specific work, just get generally stronger and better.

With the run, again, kinda depends on where you are now. But any basic, decent running plan 2-3 days a week would be a start. Also, dropping some bodyfat (not getting ripped, but making sure you’re not carrying a gut) will help everything.

As far as the squats, I defer to the therapist who’s seen you in person. With the deads, if your gym has a trap bar, those are always a back-friendly alternative for pulling. Dumbbells, monitoring the depth, are also a good sub. Basically anything that has your hands neutral/at your sides will be easier on the spine. Worth a shot.


I’m 10 pushups away from the goal - I can get to 25, although I’m already on the limit of my forces. Will keep working on that.

About the deadlift and squats: I train at home and I don’t have a trap bar. Using dumbbells may be easier so i’ll give it a try.
About the squats: Front Squats seem to work better on me. I also like them more than back squats, since they seem more “challenging”. I haven’t squatted for a while - 6/7months I guess - so i’ll try some front squats with light weight just to check my form.
Maybe i can train doing Front squats and split squats, alternating between each exercise each week/training, what do you think?

Also, I’ve read those articles and there are plenty of exercises that I know I can do without big limitations, so I’ll incorporate them (actually, some were already on my original plan).

About the running, I’m thinking about running 3 days a week, and I think i’m gonna try to run on the same days that i’m doing the weights. After the weighted exercises, that is.
I have been able to run 2300km in 13 minutes, so I don’t think I’m that far from the final goal. Will keep working on that, but I believe that the running is just that: I just have to run to get better at it.

Thanks once again for your help!