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my training partner

Okay, so I have this training partner that just doesn’t seem to understand everything that I tell him regarding to training. Let me expand on this a bit.
I try to tell him what he has to do to get cut, but he says that he can’t eat that many times a day. He finally started to eat 5-6 times per day, but sometimes he doesn’t eat breakfast.
This summer he and I are going to do a bulking phase to put on some more muscle. Well, he isn’t close to his goal weight yet, which will take another 10 weeks at the least, but this is fine because we won’t start for another 10 weeks. I keep telling him that he should take 6-8 weeks between his cutting and bulking phase to let his metabolism return to normal so he doesn’t blow up again.
We are also gonna do some light cardio during the bulking phase to try and keep off some of the fat. He says that doing a 2 hour spin, on a bike, will help him burn 2000 calories. I told him that it would be pointless because he wouldn’t be gaining any muscle. I told him for the 10th time that just 30 min. light cardio 3 times per week should be the extent of cardio.
Despite all of these difficulties and his lingering ignorance he is one of my best friends so I don’t want to tell him to piss off.
Anyway, just had to rant. Any of you have this problem?

I think a lot of people will have come across this kind of thing, dude. The girls I train with were resistant to anything like T-vixen training at first. It was “you can lift those weights down here, Dave. We’ll be upstairs doing cardio for two hours”. Finally, I managed to get them to try deadlifting, squatting, benching, assisted pull-ups, etc. I told them “give me two months. That’s all.” They decided what the hell and started to listen to me. Well guess what? They started to actually see and feel a difference like never before. Now they’re hooked… hehehe. I think it was easier for me to “convert” them because the dieting half of the equation was already pretty good on their part – they just weren’t training heavy like they should have been. I got them doing compound lifts at about a 8-12RM range, and it’s working great. Tell your bro that if it works for a bunch of girls, it’ll work for him. BTW, the chicks did NO cardio for the two months that I had them. Now they sneak in a little here and there, but it’s only a half hour, at most. I need to take some pictures… Anybody want to donate a digital camera to the “let’s post semi-to-fully-naked pictures of Dave’s T-vixens” fund?