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My Training Log

i’m gona start posting my workouts here. why? so the smarter guys can look at it and suggest stuff. plan is simple:
sun- ME SQ/DL,
tues- ME BP,
Thr- DE SQ/DL,
Fri or Sat (depends on whats goin on) DE/RE BP. i play a lot of pick-up basketball and do some light conditioning and stretching on off days. current stats: 5’11, 178, 17yo, SQ- 365, BP- 265, DL- 390. i need to build leg mass and work on relative strength to my body weight so i can run faster and shit. eventually i would like to do a pl meet and be a large human. first work-out will be posted tomorrow, i just played a couple hours of bball today. feel free to chime in and suggest stuff.

DL, SQ and BP I get. What’s ME/RE/DE…?

ME= Max Effort,
DE= Dynamic Effort (Speed)
Westside terminoligy.


RE= repetition effort. basically the same as DE day only with higher percentages. teaches you to move heavier weights fast. also you can do something like wssb and rep out with a given weight.

warm-up: hip mobility, glute activation and hip flexor stretching.
A1) Right Leg Curl- 45x10x2
A2) Right Leg Reverse Step-up- bwx10x2
my right leg is weaker than the left due to a bunch of injuries back to back.

SUMO-DL: 135x5x3, 185x3, 225x1, 255x1, 295x1, 315x1, 340x1, 365x1, 375xmiss, 315x1x3 cluster w/ 15 sec rest. i need a stronger ass.

RDL’s- 280x6x3; 1:30 rest
NGHR- bwx6x3; 1:30 rest. i lock my feet between the steps in the basement so i go past parallel kinda like a real ghr but not really. they’re hard and they hurt.
WALKING LUNGES- 55’sx8ex2; 1 min rest. easy
SAXON SIDE BENDS- 35#plateX5eX2, 35x5rt only. my spinal erector and oblique on my rt side is weaker and smaller than the left from 14 years of baseball.

lots of food and stretching.

24 min (4 jog/4 walk) recovery run/walk thing.

dragon flys- bwx6x4
rear flys- 10’sx20x2
right leg curl- 45x10x3
neck flexion- 45x20x2

all felt good

Pin Press (8in rom)- bar x a lot, 135x5x3, 185x3, 205x1, 225x1, 245x1, 255x1, 265x1, 275x1, 285x1, 295x1 (pr), 305xmiss
Chest Supported Incline Fat Grip DB Rows (i need a new name for that)- 55’sx5, 75’sx3x5
Cressy Rotator Cuff Work

my shoulders have been sublexing a lot lately so I’m only doing high bench work and a shitload of rotator cuff and scapular retraction work to help hold them in place.

basketball 1 hour game.
i had a migraine all day and i played like it. 4 points on 2 for a trillion shooting. i hate this game. i just wanna play some hockey but trying to find people to play hockey since i moved to tennessee is a wee bit hard. and i cant even watch hockey now. piss on that.

Hip Mobility Warm-up
A1) Rt Leg Curl- 45x10x2
A2) Rt Leg Step-up- bwx10x2

Main Work
A) Clean Pulls- 185x3x2, 225x3x2; 1 min rest.
B) Box Squats- 135x5x2, 205x2, 240x2x6, removed box 240x2, 275x2, 295x2, 315x5 (why? cause i could. i had plenty of reps left. all were fast and to at or below parrallel); 1 min rest
C) Sumo Pulls off 4in blocks- 275x1x3
(cluster w/ 15 sec btw reps), 2 min rest, 285x1x3 (same thing). just a guess but with the way these hurt, they might bring up my weak hips/glutes.
D)NGHR- bwx7x3; 1:30 rest

Crap Work
Rainbows- bwx5ex3 ow with your arms outstretched over your head these are hard.
Rear Flys- 25’sx10x2

stretch and massive amounts of food. i think im getting sick so im taking in a lot of vitamin c as well.

I saw on 2/15 you did pin presses…have you ever tried board or floor presses, these work way better than pin presses. Also i noticed that you only did a few sets of 3, according to the bible by dave you should be doing 8-11 sets total with no more than 4 lifts 90%. Check out the periodization bilbe part II on T-Nation , and elite fts. has some great articals about A. S. Prilepin?s table espically one called “the importance of volume” and one about beginer mistakes on westside.
Good luck

[quote]comfortablynumb wrote:
warm-up: hip mobility, glute activation and hip flexor stretching.
A1) Right Leg Curl- 45x10x2
A2) Right Leg Reverse Step-up- bwx10x2
my right leg is weaker than the left due to a bunch of injuries back to back.


I wonder if you shouldn’t do the extra right leg work after your ME movement. I know I have an imbalance and I have to really fight not to favor my strong leg while squatting/deadlifting. Tiring my weak leg before squatting seems like it would just make it worse.

yes i’ve read the bible by dt and the eight keys and everything from elite. the reason for the few sets of 3 was it was my first time with the pin presses at that level and i didn’t think i could get that much. pleasent suprise. and yes i do use board presses but i lift at home and couldn’t get one of my dumbass stoner friends to come over and spot me. last time i tryed board presses alone i missed and had an imprint from the boards on my abdomen for a week.
yes i should probably do the weak leg work at the end of my workout but half the time i’m too wiped and decided not to do it. this makes sure i do. plus it is not high enough intensity to affect the me/de work that i can notice. i’ll try changing it up for a while and see how it goes.
thanks for the comments and suggestions guys

1 hour bball game.
db- tri-extensions (pause on floor)- 35’sx6, 45’sx4, 55’sx2, 45’sx6, 55’sx4
some external band rotations

that was it.
it sucks ass being sick and i wanted to save my energy for tommorrow.

On what comfortablynumb wrote:

You from GB Floyd Man? In English, 10 x 2 means 10 sets of 2. Just a lil joke.

On what comfortablynumb wrote:

BTW I think the main problem with pin presses is that your first move doesn’t necessarily flow straight up, but slides a tad on the catchers. I tried putting a little carpet padding over the catchers to prevent the sliding and they are a good option now.

I know 17-year-olds have incredible recovery abilities but playing too much basketball coupled with intense lifting could lead to overtraining.
See how it goes, but if you’re getting frequent colds, feeling lethargic, etc. I’d cut down.
From your #'s I’d say you should pick a powerlifting meet three months from now and enter. You should do just fine in the teen/high school 181s.

i guess i shouldn’t call them pin presses cause i don’t have a power rack to use the pins to press off of. i use 2 heavy duty adjustable saw horses to spot myself on squats and to press off of for pin presses and stuff. it is lined with ruber on the top so the bar doesnt slide around.

the basketball does take its toll on me. my ankles and feet get beat up like hell but its fun. if it wasn’t for these pickup bball games i don’t think my freinds would ever put down the bong or turn off the ps2.

i didn’t have a good feeling coming into this workout. i was out late last night partying which was stupid cause im sick but oh well it was a good day lifting. funny story about last night this wicked hot brawd i had never seen before was there and we started flirtin and whatnot. its goin great and we start to head out together to go back to my friends apartment. on the way out the door i asked her how old she was cause im turning 18 in a month and can’t be to careful. she said, “14”. gaaaaaaah that ended that right there. girls must be maturing faster now or somethin cause i have a 14 y/o sister and this chick looks 3-4 years older than her. piss on that. anywho…

dynamic hip warm-up
glute activation
a1) rt leg curl- 45x10x2
a2) rt leg step-ups- bwx10x2

A) Sumo-DL- 135x5x3, 185x3, 225x3, 255x3, 295x1, 325x1, 350x1, 375x1 (10#pr from last week), 350x1, 340x1. my form still sucks and i straight legged it up but it went.
B) RDL- 290x6x5; 1:30 rest
C) NGHR- bwx10x3; 1:30 rest
abs and crap
Rollouts- bwx6x3; 1 min rest
Saxon Side Bends- 35x5x2; 1 min rest
Lunges- 65’sx8ex2 supersetted with
Rear Flys- 15’sx10x2

ME LIFTS AT 90%+ 4

this week and the next 2 after will be high volume then i will up intensity and lower volume the next 4 weeks. good plan or no?

bball game x 1 hour
neck extensions- 45x20x2
abs x whatever

loooooooooong day at school and work.

Cuban Press- barx10x3
Pin Press (same set up as last week)- bar x a lot, 135x5x3, 155x3, 185x3, 205x3, 225x1, 245x1, 260x1, 275x1, 290x1, 305x1(10# pr from last week)
Skull Crushers- 80x8x4
Fat DB Rows- 75’sx4x5
Plate pinches and ext. rotations

and i ran 3 400’s to show up the track nerds. first one was 57sec and all were under 1:03