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My Training Log!


Hello! I'm new here at T-Nation, I love the site, been following it for months, finally decided to make an acc and a training log. :slight_smile:
I'm not sure if I should have put this in PowerLifting.. But I really want to get strong, and stay light weight.. So I thought I might put my log here.
My current stats are:

Weight: 148lbs
Bodyfat: 10-12%
Squat: 240x5
Deadlift: 235x5
Bench: 165x5
Military: 110x3
PowerClean: 105x3
Pullups: 14

I'm following Starting Strength, and I just started doing PowerCleans, not yet at my max for those yet.
I do not do pullups with SS, I do 1 set of max pullups daily (I read in a Chad Waterbury article that doing 1 max set a day can increase reps, I went from 11-14 so far in about 7 days)
I'll be off to the gym in an hour or so, going to write down everything that happens in this log! :slight_smile:

edit: I found out theres a training log section.. so ignore this i wont be posting here, hopefully a mod will delete this thread :S

editx2: heres a link to my log http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/XArena#myForums/thread/4784788/