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My Training Log


Today i started my rack pull phase im doing 3 week blocks of exercises
Im going to try to post my old workouts as the website i had my old log on went dead
Warmup 100 rope turns
footworks lines (high knees skips butt kicks etc.
Box Jump 3*3 78 cm box
Rack Pull 45/5,95/5,135/5,185/5,225/5,295/5(PR)
Leg Press 7 plates/5,7 plates/5,7 plates/10
45 degree back extension 45/8,45/8,45/8
Farmers Walk 95/1 trip 95/1 trip 95/1 trip 95/1 trip a trip is around 30-40 feet


My vitals are 5'11
around 220lbs
My max deadlift is 315
and I am 19


My workout this monday was
Incline Bench 45/5,95/5,115/5,155/5,150/5,145/5,140/5,135/5
Pendelay Row 95/5,115/5,115/5,120/5,125/5,125/5
Db Shoulder Press 45s/5,50s/5,45s/5


Sundays workout was
78cm box jump 3*3 PR
Front squat off a slightly below parallel box 5/45,5/95,5/115,5/155PR,5/145,5/135
Leg Press 6plates/5,6plates/5,6plates/10
Farmers Walk 90s/1 trip,90/1 trip
V-sits 15,10 experimented with weighted medicine balls didnt like it


Today i did pin press at chest height 45/5,95/5,135/5,155/3
Pendelay row 135/5,135/5,135/5
Db bench 50s/10,50s/10,50s/10
Db 1 arm row back parallel to ground 50s/10,50s/10,50s/10


Today i did a quick arm circuit
Close grip bench 135/5,5,5
Ez curl with 25s on each side,5,5,5
Lateral raise 25s/5,20s/5,5


Im gunna start posting my diet and sleep here to see how it affects my recovery
5 hours of sleep due to studying for a bio lab practical
6 AM 6 pieces of turkey
9 AM protein bar


Decided to switch to 5/3/1 i need just a set program that i didnt design
projected maxes
deadlift (true) 315
Squat 225
Bench 185
Overhead press 135
Training maxes
Deadlift 283.5
Squat 202.5
Bench 166.5
Overhead press 121.5
Today's workout
Warmup first day of PLP, 100 rope contacts, running lines: did high knees, butt kicks, power skips, caricou, sprints, and side shuffle all done to half court except side shuffle which was done full court volleyball lines
Then i forgot the box jumps at first and did the 5/3/1 squats
warmup sets
work sets
overall the squats felt good i hadnt done squats in awhile and im just learning to initiate the movement with the hips had no problem with depth
next i did the box jumps not the ideal order
75cm box 3*3
Then i went to the Boring but Big sets 100/10/5
Im not used to that high of volume reps wise so these were tough but easily doable lower back extremely pumped afterward
Ez Bar Curl 15 on each side im guessing its about a 15-20 lb bar, 5/10
lower back pump made these harder than they should have been again im more use to the 4-6 range on reps so these will take getting used to


Today's workout
Warmup: second day of PLP, 100 rope turns, running lines, and hip mobility
5/3/1 sets on OHP
Work sets
This felt really good i hadnt OHP in well over a month due to injurying my wrist playing basketball. The wrist felt fine during these sets.
Boring but Big sets
The volume as I said yesterday is definitely something different and will take some getting used to. I experimented with my stance on these. Towards the end my wrist began to give me problems.
The last set was done on a short bar reducing the range of motion this is a PR at my current weight.
All reps were started from the ground and i lowered my body all the way down.
After my workout I went and played basketball for about an hour


Today was deadlift day
I did my traditional warm up except i forgot to jump rope been really distracted by finals and tests coming up
Warmup sets
5/3/1 sets I really screwed up my math on these still did the work though
270/10Pr the last set should have been 240 shouldnt have done the math on my phone in class ha
Boring but big sets
Back Extension
Im going to start pre filling out the percentages on my log so i dont screw up so bad on the math next time


Bench today
warmup PLP day 4 100 rope turns
Bench warmup sets
5/3/1 sets
Boring but Big sets
DBrow 45s/10/5
Db side bend 55s/10/3


Squat day felt out of it really stressed with finals once again screwed up did 5 reps every set
Warmup Jump Rope 100 turns
5/3/1 sets
Boring But Big
Ez Bar Curl 30 bar/10/5
PLP day 6 did day 5 yesterday (no workout)
need to relax more...


Warmup day 7 PLP 100 rope turns running lines
OHP warmup 45/5,55/5,65/5
5/3/1 sets These felt good definitely like lower reps but the 8 felt good think i could have gotten 10 but im trying to leave a rep or two in the bank
Boring but big 60/10/5 again volume is killer
Chinups 10 reps 10 sets 1 rep per set need to lower volume had trouble with lockout
This is CT's beach body finisher idea must be done in 10-15 min
Close grip bench 115/8,120/6,125/4,130/2
Bicep curl 2 10s/8,2 10s 2 2.5s/6,add 2.5s/4,add 2.5s/2
Lateral Raises 15s/8,15s/6,20s/4,25s/2
Abs And Farmers Walk
standing cable crunch reworking the form into more of a good morning
Did cardio about 2 hours later
5 min warmup and cool down at 3 mph
10 sprint every minute on the minute 10 sec each 7 mph
nice getting a cardio workout in hadnt done one since around new years


Today I really felt the lack of sleep
Warmup full PLP day 9
Box jump 3/3 74cm box
Deadlift 45/5,95/5,135/5
5/3/1 200/3,225/3,250/3 pathetic did 2http://www.T-Nation.com/strength-training-groups/training-lab70/10 last week two much time lying around studying
Cardio shot gym too cold felt like a bitch do they really need ten fans on full blast its only 70 out


Fridays workout Warmup PLP day 11 100 rope turns
Bench warmup
115/3,135/3,150/10 PR
Boring but Big SS with One arm Db row
Arms triset
Close grip floor press 115/8,120/6,125/4,130/2
EZ curl 2 10s/8, 2.5/6, 2.5/4, 2.5/2
Lateral raises 15s/8,15s/6,20s/4,20s/2


This was tuesdays workout
Military Press
warmup 45/5,65/5,75/5
5/3/1 sets
Boring but Big
Arm circuit
Close grip bench
115/8,120/6,125/4,130/2 need to increase weight next time
Ez Curl
2 tens/8, 2.5s/6, 2.5s/4, 2.5s/2
Lateral Raise15s/8,15s/6,20s/4,20s/4 just got into the set and didnt think and did extra


Wednesdays workout
Warmup 45/5,95/5,135/5
150/5,170/3,190/5 form was ugly going to need to work on it
Boring but Big 100/10/5
Assistance Farmers Walk 5 trips new gym these are about ten feet
Glute ham Raise 5,8,5,5,5 first two sets wasnt really using the hamstrings different exercise when done right my first time doing them
Cardio I went in and played a game of ball did alright grabbed about ten boards and shut down a kid off the high school team then went in got of the treadmill
5 min warmup at 3 mph
10 sprints at 9mph followed by 30sec walking
cool down 5 min walking


Fridays workout
Warmup 45/5,95/5,115/5
Boring but Big
85/10/5 3 sec negatives these really increased the intensity
Chest supported row 65/10/5 again 3 sec negative
Arm circuit
Close grip bench 100/8,105/6,110/4,115/2 3 sec negatives again
DB curl 25s/8,25s/6,30s/4,30s/2 drop weight next workout i suck at db curls
Lateral raise 15s/8,15s/7,20s/4,20s/2 raise the last set to 25s next workout
PLP day 17


Saturday's workout
Warmup 135/5,185/5,195/5
Work sets
Boring but Big
165/10,165/5 155/5,155/10,145/10/3
Leg Press 6plates/10/2,5 plates/10/3
Back extension hands held vampire style 10/5 3 sec negatives this made bodyweight challenging
Projected maxes after first cycle
Deadlift 270/10=359.91
Squat 190/5=221.63
Bench 160/6=191.97
Military Press 115/8=145 this is good as i improved in every lift except squat which i had a really bad day on


Tuesday's workout (deload)
Squat warmup 45/5,65/5
Squat 5/3/1
BBB sets
Seated leg curl 70/10/2
Glute ham 10/2
Situp on glute ham 10/2