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My Training Log

Okay I’ll start off with a bit of an introduction.

I’m 185 lbs, 6’1" and 37 years old tomorrow. I want to be over 200 lbs with a less than 10% bf. First I’m going to work my ass off at gaining some good muscle. I’ve been working out for almost a year constantly but I can never seem to stay focused on one goal. I keep on switching between trying to gain muscle and lose fat, but from spending a lot of time on T-Nation and reading the advice of many posters I’ve decided that I need to gain first. I’m logging this in hopes that this will keep me focused.

I’m going to follow Mark Rippetoes Beginning Strength Training program and also Charles Poliquin’s Anabolic Diet with 2 carb load meals 3 days apart as opposed to his sugestion of 2 consecutive days side by side. I hope to post here pretty much daily how it’s going and my general thoughts as well. Pictures will come soon. Tomorrow will be my first work out.

Day 1 didn’t go so well. Started off perfect had breakfast

3 whole omega 3 eggs and 4 egg whites plus some sliced sausage

had a power shake for a snack

had a chicken breast with some salsa with black olives and some cheese for lunch

Someone was using the only power rack in the gym so I had to wait 35 minutes or so for it to do squats so I wasn’t able to get my deadlifts in.

had a serving of Surge post workout.

Going to have some tuna with olive oil and spices maybe some cheese as well in a couple of minutes. Fiance made me a cake for my B-day so I’m also going to have a small piece of it as well.

Little pissed that I couldn’t get the deads in.